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Q: How does shipping plants work on Whatnot?

  1. You list the item with a weight (include packaging weight).
  2. Once the item is purchased, we use the assigned weight to determine the cost to ship the item to the buyer based on their location (costs here).
  3. After your show or once an item has sold from our Marketplace, you can access your orders on our website and generate a label (must be created on our site through our system) for each order. 
    1. Attach your labels to each package and take them to the post office (step by step guides linked in the “Resources” section below).
  4. The status of each order will automatically update as we receive tracking updates through the carrier. 
  5. Our standard shipping options are: (a) USPS Ground Advantage for all packages < 1 lb and over. 5 lbs and (b) USPS Priority for all packages between 1-5 lbs. You have the option to select Flat Rate shipping, which has a set cost of $8.35 up to 70 lbs so long as the items fit in flat rate packaging.

Q: How do I prevent USPS from shipping USPS Ground Advantage, and instead ship USPS Priority?

  • Update your shipping settings to be USPS Priority Mail for all packages over 5lbs.
    • On your mobile app, select Seller Profile > Seller Hub > Shipping > Domestic Shipments.
  • If the item is  <  1lb, set the weight of the item to 1lb. While this does make shipping prices slightly higher for buyers, it automatically changes the shipping option to USPS priority shipping.

Q: Can I ship my orders through other shipping carriers? 

Q: I am a plant seller. Should I do anything differently with my shipping settings?

  • Yes. If you have common shipping weight and size dimensions for your orders, we recommend setting up Custom Shipping Profiles with a Max Bundle Size. This will allow you to set the maximum number of items that go in a package, along with the weight & dimensions of the package. You can reuse this shipping profile for multiple orders, preventing the need to adjust the weight/size every time you upload a new item.
  • This article details how to create a Custom Shipping Profile with a Max Bundle Size.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

Q: How does bundling orders on Whatnot work? 

  • If a buyer purchases multiple items during a live show, they will sometimes be bundled into a single package automatically by our system to save costs / packaging with a single shipping label according to our Smart Bundling™ Tool  - in most cases this saves both buyers and sellers time and costs by consolidating items. If you use a Custom Shipping Profile with Max Bundle Size, then we’ll bundle based on that item’s max bundle size.

Q: How are shipping costs calculated?

  • By default, our system will assume your packages/bundles fit in a regular sized box where the shipping cost is simply based on the weight.
  • However, if you use a Custom Shipping Profile with Max Bundle Size, and specify a box size over 1 cubic foot, then the price of the package may be based on USPS’s dimensional weight cost.
  • For example, if you create a Max Bundle Size of 1 with dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 inches, then the shipping price of that item may be based on dimensional weight.

Q: How do you add on a cold or heat pack without generating a second shipping label or going over the weight limit? 

  • We recommend adding the weight of the cold or heat pack into the weight of your shipping label so that that cost is captured there.
  • If you do not want to include the cost of the cold or heat pack into your shipping cost, we recommend adding it as a Buy It Now listing & encouraging buyers to purchase it when they make an order, or explicitly share the risk of not including a heat/cold pack in their shipment.

Q: My stream just ended. When do I need to ship my orders?

  • Given the specific considerations when shipping plants, Whatnot allows sellers in the plant category up to 5 business days to ship their plants.
  • We do require plant sellers to print their shipping labels within 3 days of the relevant order. 
  • In the case of extreme weather or if the buyer requests that an item be shipped outside of this period, contact sellersupport@whatnot.com for a shipping extension. 

Q: What happens if I list an item with an incorrect weight? Will I be charged the difference as a seller?

  • You may be subject to pay the difference in what we charge the buyer compared to the actual cost - to avoid this, list items with their correct weight.
  • When adjusting packages / shipping after your show, some adjustments are always free, others are free until you hit your adjustment allowance, and others will always cause you to pay the difference - see the specifics here.

Q: I’m on the BYOL pilot. How can I make sure that I am getting reimbursed the proper amount for shipping?

  1. Make sure that your shipping settings are set up like this (see screenshot below).

  1. Set up a Custom Shipping Profile with these settings (see screenshots below).       


Q: What are common shipping mistakes for plant sellers?

  • Users list items with incorrect weights and then end up having to pay the difference in what Whatnot charges the buyers based on what the seller listed the item as compared to what the shipping cost actually was.
    • Fix: List items with the correct weight.
  • A user doesn’t use custom shipping profiles for large or fragile items and our system ends up bundling too many items that the seller needs to unbundle - which may cost the seller if they need to make a non-free adjustment.
    • Note: sometimes this isn’t even an issue as the combined weight of the bundle that the buyer was charged for is the same cost as the separate bundles or one oversized box.
    • Fix: Use custom shipping profiles for larger or fragile items that if bundled with a few other items may exceed a cubic foot in size, see the strategies described below for more detailed ways you can prevent this issue.


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