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Plants on Whatnot - Best Practices

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Below we’ve set out some best practices and information for sellers and buyers in the Plants Category to ensure a positive buying and selling experience.  We also suggest you have a look at Whatnot’s policy on plants here.

Best Practices For Sellers

  • Listings & Livestream
    • Notify buyers in your livestream’s show notes that the buying and bidding function is disabled for buyers located outside of the US (see Whatnot’s Plants Policy)
    • Disclose clearly the condition of the plant, including any “callouts” (newly planted, deeply rooted, needs rehabilitation, some plant damage on leaf) in the listing and livestream
    • Add clear images of plant (and any defects / callouts) in listing and livestream
    • Clearly show the plant on screen for both Auction and Buy It Now items
    • If plant is displayed in pot/container, clearly disclose to buyers whether pot/container will be included when shipping
  • Shipping
    • Shipping guide: We recommend you review Whatnot’s Plant Shipping Guide for helpful information on how to ship plants.
    • Shipping timelines: Given the specific considerations when shipping plants, Whatnot allows sellers in the plant category up to 5 business days to ship their plants, but we do require plant sellers to print their shipping labels within 3 days of the relevant order.
    • Share shipping options: Review and clearly articulate shipping options for buyers in listing/livestream.
    • We recommend adding the shipping options in your Show Notes for each livestream and/or in the description for each item.
    • Weather impact: Pay attention to the weather that may impact the plant’s shipping. We recommend shipping with the appropriate temperature controlled packaging and insulation for each plant.
    • Photo when packing: Take a photo of the plant & shipping label in the packaging before you ship the item as a photolog in case there are any issues with the delivery of the order.
  • General
    • Always review and comply with any applicable requirements when shipping your plant - regulations can vary depending on the plant being sold and the state or local jurisdiction you are shipping to or from.
    • If you have any special instructions for your sellers (plant care, quarantine, etc.), please share those best practices with the buyer.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Best Practices for Buyers

  • When purchasing plants online, remember that they are living creatures and shipping may subject them to stress or damage during transit. Please be prepared to provide proper care on arrival to give your new green companions the best chance at thriving. Have questions about your plant? Reach out to the seller on Whatnot messaging with any questions!
  • If you have any issues with your order once it’s been delivered, take a photo of the item in the box & contact Whatnot support and the seller via Whatnot messaging within two days of delivery of the order. Also check out Whatnot’s Return Policy

Note: As a reminder, plants may only be sold by sellers located in the continental US to buyers in the continental US (i.e., all US states excluding Hawaii, Alaska and all US territories). Buying and bidding in the Plant & Garden category is disabled in livestreams for buyers located outside of the US. Check out Whatnot’s Plants Policy for more on relevant restrictions when buying (or selling) plants.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Whatnot Support.

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