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Successfully shipping and fulfilling your orders is one of the most important aspects of being a Whatnot seller. The Seller Hub is set up to make shipping extremely efficient, but it is important to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Check for any cancellation requests. If you have any pending cancellations, you will see the order's status as "Cancellation Request" under your orders tab. For help with accepting or denying cancellation requests, please see this article. For a breakdown of each shipment, watch this video:

    • Make sure to respond to cancellation requests before proceeding to step 2.

  2. Bundle/Unbundle any shipments that need to be shipped in more than one package.

  3. Make all edits to shipment weight and dimensions.

You can access more videos below to see examples of how to manage the Seller Hub and its features:

  • Bulk Generate Labels, Scan Sheet, & Drop Off

  • CSV/Sales Tracker


Packaging Guidelines:

Packaging your items safely is a crucial step in the shipping process. It is essential that your items reach the buyer safely and in the same condition as when you sold them. For more information on packaging guidelines and recommendations, check out our Packaging Guidelines FAQ.


Order Status:

You will notice an order status next to each individual order in your Seller Hub. This order status will give you important information on the position of your order in our system. It is important to note that the status of your order is attached to the tracking information provided by the label you create. Clicking on the tracking number will also pull up the tracking information on the USPS website. 


  • Canceling: there is currently a cancellation request on this order. It is important to accept or reject the request before you proceed with creating a label for the order. You can see the reason for the request, and accept or reject it directly from the Seller Hub! 
  • Needs Label: the sale has been processed and it is time for you to generate a label and package the item(s)
  • Ready to ship: You have generated the label and the package is awaiting an acceptance scan from the carrier (*Please note: if you dropped of the package, but the carrier has not scanned the package as shipped, please be patient as this process can sometimes be delayed due to several reasons. 
  • Shipping: The package has been scanned by the carrier and is in route to the buyer
  • Delivered: the package has been delivered to its final destination.
  • Delivered & Paid Out: the funds for this order have been released to you. You can access your balance from the Payments section of your profile when signed into, or from the Seller tab on your profile within the Whatnot app. Sellers are paid normally 3 days (72 hours) after an order has been delivered. (For more information on payouts check out our Where can I deposit my funds?)


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