Offering Free or Reduced Shipping to Buyers Offering Free or Reduced Shipping to Buyers

Offering Free or Reduced Shipping to Buyers

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Sellers can now choose to fully or partially pay for the shipping costs for their buyers! You can set your default shipping settings from your profile and edit these at a show level when you create new shows. Sellers will be responsible for all overage costs when choosing Free or Discounted shipping. Shows that offer free shipping will be tagged with a ‘Free Shipping’ label on the show’s thumbnail. Buyers will also be able to filter for ‘Free Shipping’ shows.

To offer free or reduced shipping to your buyers, please follow the below steps:

  1. On the Whatnot mobile app, navigate to your profile and hit the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your app 
  2. Scroll down and hit 'Seller Hub', then select shipping 
  3. Click on the ‘Shipping Cost’ button

  1. In the ‘Shipping Cost’ section, choose between:
    1. Yes, I’ll pay for 100% of Shipping
    2. Yes, buyer pays up to max shipping price I set
    3. No thanks, buyer pays for 100% of shipping 

The settings you choose here will be the default for all of your shows going forward. Any shows that you scheduled before updating your shipping settings will retain their original shipping settings from the time of scheduling. For example, if a seller has 5 shows already scheduled when their shipping settings were “No thanks, buyer pays 100% of shipping” and then they change their settings to be “Yes, I’ll pay for 100% of shipping,” those 5 shows will not automatically change to free shipping for buyers. 

If you would like to change any settings for a particular show, including those you already have scheduled, you can edit the settings for an individual show when you create a new show. For recurring streams, any changes within a show will be applied to all future instances of that show. 

Once you start the show, you cannot edit these settings. If you want to change settings after starting the show, you’ll need to create a new show.

Buyers eligible for free or discounted shipping:

  1. If you are a seller in the contiguous US, free or discounted shipping only applies to buyers in the contiguous US. 
    1. For example, if you offer Free Shipping on a show, buyers outside the contiguous US (e.g. AK, HI, GU) will still be paying the full cost of shipping
  2. If you are a seller outside the contiguous US (e.g. AK, HI, GU), free or discounted shipping applies to all domestic US users. 
    1. For example, if you’re based in HI and offer Free Shipping on a show, buyers anywhere in the US (e.g. NY, PR, GU) will receive free shipping.
    2. Note that all shipping costs are regular commercial rates when sellers outside contiguous US offer free or discounted shipping
  3. International shipments are excluded from free or reduced shipping  

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