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Where can Whatnot sellers ship to?

Whatnot ships to the United States, Canada, the UK, and most other countries around the world. View available countries when you checkout an item. Whatnot will also ship to PO/APO/FPO addresses.

How much is shipping for sellers?

By default, shipping is completely free for the seller. Whatnot will provide you with prepaid shipping labels to ship your items. The shipping label provided should cover the aggregate weight of the items in the package as well as the weight of the packaging. This weight on the provided labels is based on what the sellers list as the weight of the item(s). 

For giveaways, sellers will pay for shipping, and we’ll deduct the shipping amount from their account balance. For more information on giveaways for sellers, please check out this article.

If a seller generates a label, then changes the status to “Shipping” only to realize that they made an error with the weight on the label, the seller will be charged the total shipping costs for the new label that they created.

If sellers increase the weight of their labels after a show, they will also be charged for the increase in cost in label if any. The total weight of the label should include the weight of the item(s) and the packaging material.

Sellers can choose to subsidize the cost of shipping either partially or fully for their buyers. In this case, shipping costs will be deducted from their earnings from that show. 

Where do I take my package once it's ready to be shipped?

You can drop your package off at any postal package box in your local area including the drop boxes inside and outside of post offices. You can also schedule a free next-day pickup to take place during your regularly scheduled mail delivery in the USPS app or USPS's website here.

How long do I have to ship out my items after my livestream?

All sellers are asked to ship out items within 2 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday and exclude weekends and holidays.

Someone purchased a Buy it Now item before my stream. When do I need to ship it out?

We recommend waiting until after your stream ends to ship anything. Buyers may come back on the day of your stream to buy more items that could be potentially shipped bundled together.

What type of shipping label will I get from Whatnot?

The shipping labels and carrier is based on your location (return address):

  • United States: USPS (Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail Letter for domestic Sports Cards and TCG shipments only) or UPS (beta)
  • Canada: Canada Post Tracked Packet
  • United Kingdom: Evri Parcel Shop Dropoff (domestic shipments) or DPD Direct Tracked Mail (international shipments)
    • Sellers in the UK can also use our Bring Your Own Label feature to bring their own labels

If you plan on shipping items from a different location than your return address, you will need to update your return address to ensure the shipping labels have the correct postage paid.

The carrier says that I can’t ship this package or I owe additional money. What should I do?

Occasionally carrier employees are not familiar with every shipping program. If there is a difference in your actual package size or weight from what the label shows, a correction may be needed. You can edit the weight and dimensions of any label directly in the Shipments tab of your Seller Hub. Sellers are responsible for ensuring that the weight and dimension of their label are correct. 

If you need to adjust the weight and dimension and generate a new label, you may be charged the incremental cost of the new label. For more information see our Shipping Adjustments FAQ.

The items I sold sustained shipping damage. What should I do?

As long as the items you sent were packed appropriately, you will not be penalized for an item being damaged in shipping.

If items you shipped were improperly packed and sustained damage, you may have to pay higher seller fees, or your selling privileges could be deactivated.

You can learn more about the appropriate way to pack items here.

My buyer reached out about a shipping issue with their order. What should I do?

If a buyer contacts you about one of your sold orders having a shipping issue, you can direct the buyer to contact our support team directly so that we can assist them.

For example, if a buyer is experiencing a shipping delay, their shipping label had the wrong address, or their package is marked as delivered, but they are missing it, our support team can assist them directly.

Buyers are able to start help requests with our support team by clicking on their purchase and hitting Get help with this purchase

I dropped off my items, but the tracking hasn't updated yet. What should I do?

Tracking updates for packages may take 2-3 business days to update and reflect shipping progress. If you have dropped off your packages but the carrier has not scanned them yet, please allow 2-3 business days for the package to be scanned and entered into their tracking system. 

If the package has not received a tracking update after 2-3 business days of dropping it off, please click here to contact our Seller Support team.

A buyer reached out and let me know they had to pay extra postage to pick up their item. What should I do?

If your buyer lets you know they had to pay postage due fees, please have them contact Whatnot for a refund. Please note, postage due fees are different than customs and duties fees. Please see this article for more information. 


Postage due fees incur when the shipping label's weight was less that the true weight of the item. In order to avoid this in the future, please ensure your item's weight is listed accurately, including the weight of the shipping materials. 


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