Creating Custom Shipping Profiles Creating Custom Shipping Profiles

Creating Custom Shipping Profiles

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Custom shipping profiles ensure that your items will be processed correctly by the shipping carrier and not rejected, returned to sender, or cause your buyer to incur excess postage fees upon delivery.

More commonly listed products will have an existing shipping profile. However, you can create your own if you regularly sell something that does not fit an existing shipping profile.

Note: Creating shipping profiles is only available through the mobile app (iOS and Android). 

Creating a Shipping Profile

  1. Open the Whatnot app on your mobile device
  2. Tap Profile in the bottom menu bar
  3. Tap the Menu two-lines icon
  4. Under Selling, navigate to Shipping and then select Shipping Profiles

  5. Tap Create Profile (if you don’t have any profiles yet) or the + button in the top right corner
  6. Configure the following settings:
    • Name: Name associated with the item (e.g., Pokemon card pack).
    • Weight: Weight of the item(s) & of the packaging. 
    • Scale: Specify if the weight is in Pound, Ounce, Gram, or Kilo
    • Length: Length of the item. 
    • Width: Width of the item. 
    • Height: Height of the item. 
    • Scale: Specify if the dimensions are in Inch, Feet, Centimeter, or Meter
  7. Tap Save Profile

Now when you add a listing to your Livestream shop or the Marketplace, you can choose the custom shipping profile you just created instead of the default common shipping profiles. 

Managing Custom Shipping Profiles

To make changes to existing custom shipping profiles, simply tap on the shipping profile to update the shipping profile settings, or tap Delete Profile to remove the shipping profile entirely. 

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