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Whatnot’s Smart Bundling™ program maximizes ultimate convenience and savings on shipping for our buyers and sellers! Our advanced algorithms find the most efficient bundles for your orders to minimize shipping costs, especially with our competitively negotiated rates. Here's how it works:


  • Reduced Shipping Rates: As part of offering Smart Bundling™ services, we have established partnerships and negotiated rates with USPS. Most of our buyers will never pay more than $8.35 in shipping on a single shipment. The vast majority of buyers will save around 10% or more per shipment, and in some cases almost 50%! 
  • Consolidated Shipping: Same as before, Smart Bundling™ allows Whatnot to consolidate your purchases from a single livestream or marketplace into the most cost effective packages, instead of each item being shipped separately as they are on some other platforms. This consolidation eliminates redundant shipping fees, resulting in substantial savings.
  • Optimized Shipping Weights and Dimensions: Our advanced algorithms analyze the items in your shipment and determine the most cost-efficient shipping weights and dimensions for the total order. 
    • What this means for buyers: In some cases we will optimize your heavier / larger shipments into multiple smaller shipments to minimize your cost and put money back in your pocket! For instance, if the shipping cost of one Priority Mail package weighing 6 lbs is greater than 2 x 3 lbs packages, we may split shipments and this can reduce your incremental shipping cost from ~$20 to ~$4 in some of the extreme shipping scenarios.
    • What this means for sellers: This change results in no extra cost to sellers, but dramatically decreases costs for your highest volume buyers. Once the sum of orders from a buyer exceeds a certain heavier weight (typically 5.01lbs - 18lbs) in total weight, we'll now automatically split a buyer's orders across multiple shipments when it's cheaper to ship as 2 shipments instead of 1. Be aware though, this means orders may show up in your dashboard for these high volume Buyers as 2 separate shipments, rather than the single shipment you're accustomed to seeing.
  • Transparent Pricing: We believe in transparency, which is why our Smart Bundling™ platform provides clear and detailed breakdowns of costs associated with each item and the bundled shipment. You'll have complete visibility into how the pricing is calculated based on USPS rates, ensuring that you receive the best deal possible. Details on USPS shipping prices here
  • Marketplace Bundling: You can also bundle marketplace purchases from the same seller with Smart Bundling™. Any additional items you buy on the marketplace after the first purchase from the same seller will be automatically bundled until the seller prints their shipping label so you save on shipping costs. 
  • Incremental Weights: We offer incremental weights for select product categories:

    Product Category Shipping Profile Incremental Weight
    Trading Card Games 0-1oz 0.5oz
    Sports Cards 0-1oz 0.5oz
    LEGO 0-1oz 0.5oz
    Comics 4-7oz 2.5oz
    Diecast Cars 4-7oz 3oz
    To override any of these incremental weights, you can create a custom shipping profile with your own incremental weight.


    • Buyer purchases 3 comic books using the 4-7oz shipping profile. The final weight of the package will be 7oz + 2.5oz + 2.5oz = 12oz
    • Buyer purchases a random 3oz item and a sports card (0-1oz shipping profile). The final weight of the package will be 3oz + 0.5oz = 3.5oz
    • Buyer purchases a comic book (4-7oz) and a random 4-7oz product. The final weight of the package will be 7oz + 7oz = 14oz.

By leveraging these cost-saving strategies, Smart Bundling™ aims to provide both our buyers and sellers with the peace of mind that Whatnot is always working to minimize their shipping costs! 

You have the freedom to shop without limits, knowing that you can order multiple items from a seller and have everything arrive at your doorstep in the most-cost effective way. 


Setting up Manual Overrides

Apart from Smart Bundling™, we understand that each seller has unique needs as they sell items in various shapes, sizes and weights. To extend the flexibility we provide, we've introduced granular bundling options when creating custom profiles. You can find more details here.

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