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Early Payout Program

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Early payout allows sellers to receive payment upon label creation (versus receiving a payout three days, or 72 hours after the order is marked delivered). 

Weekly on Fridays, Whatnot will evaluate seller data and turn on Early Payouts on for sellers that meet the following criteria:

  • Sales over $100k (before fees) OR at least 1000 orders (does not include giveaways or tips).
  • Hosted at least 10 livestreams.
  • Ratings of at least 4.8 or higher. 
  • Are not currently on a second offense in any violation category from our What Actions We Take guidelines.

This is an automated process, and no application or enrollment is necessary. Eligible sellers will be emailed at the address associated with their Whatnot account when Early Payout has been earned.

Please note, early payout does not work retroactively on orders made before Early Payout was enabled. However, if an order was made, but the shipping label wasn’t printed until after Early Payout was turned on, you will receive an early payout for that order. If items are purchased in multiple quantities in the BIN, it will only count as one order unless the items are listed individually. 


How many items have I sold on Whatnot?

To see how many orders you have sold excluding giveaways, you can refer to the Analytics tab in your seller dashboard! Edit the date range to be Lifetime and change the sales metric to Order Count. Keep in mind that data in the analytics tab can take 1-2 days to fully update.

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I had Early Payout, but now it is gone?

In accordance with What Actions We Take, when users violate our Community Guidelines, they may be subject to corrective action. If you have lost Early Payout access due to a violation, you can appeal the action by responding directly to the email of the violation.

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