Accepting or Denying a Cancellation Request Accepting or Denying a Cancellation Request

Accepting or Denying a Cancellation Request

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This article outlines how a seller can accept or deny a cancellation request that was submitted by a buyer.

Note that all sales on Whatnot are final and this policy is in place to maintain marketplace integrity between buyers and sellers. While buyers can request to cancel the order any time before the seller confirms shipment, sellers maintain the ability to confirm or deny these requests. If an order is cancelled by the seller, this action cannot be undone. Sellers can respond to cancellation on their orders page within the app or on their shipments page on

If a seller denies your cancellation request, the sale is final. The sale will proceed as normal if the seller does not respond to a cancellation request in 48 hours. If the request is denied or ignored, you will also not be able to leave a review for those items. 

Accepting or Denying a Cancellation Request in the Mobile App

  1. Open the Whatnot app on your mobile device.
  2. Click the Profile icon on the bottom right of the homepage.
  3. Click the Menu two-line icon on the top right of the screen. 
  4. Scroll down to the Seller section and click on Orders.
  5. Select the order in question.
  6. Scroll to the middle of the screen where you can Accept or Reject the cancellation request.
  7. Confirm your selection.

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Accepting or Denying a Cancellation Request on the Web

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. Click the Profile icon at the top right of the webpage.
  3. Select Seller Hub
  4. You will see a small alert icon in your Shipments tab and a "Pending Cancelation" status in the Orders tab

    Orders request.png
  5. After reviewing the cancellation reason, choose to Accept or Reject the request by selecting the order in question in the Orders tab.
  6. Confirm your selection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A buyer is requesting the cancellation of an item. Do I have to honor it?

This is up to you. If it’s not an overbid, you are not obligated to honor any order cancellation request. 

A buyer is requesting the cancellation of an item but I already shipped it.

Nothing can be done at this point. Once an item is shipped, the order can’t be canceled. 

Someone in my live stream overbid on an item. How do I handle this?

Ask the buyer to go to their purchased items in the Whatnot app and find the item, then have them request a cancellation

The seller will then be able to confirm the cancellation request after the stream ends. 

You can then add the item to your lot and run it again if you would like.

I accidentally canceled this item. What can I do?

If you inadvertently or accidentally accepted a cancelation request, there is not a way to undo the cancelation. However, you can reach out to the buyer and see if they would be interested in repurchasing the item from you.

An item I sold is showing up twice on my sold item list, but I only have one of these items. Why?

This is an uncommon error but still can happen if two people attempt to buy the same item at the same time. You can cancel one of the orders. If you’re still having issues, contact Whatnot Support and ask them to cancel one of the orders for you.

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