Marketplace-Only Sellers FAQs Marketplace-Only Sellers FAQs

Marketplace-Only Sellers FAQs

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If you're only selling items on Whatnot's Marketplace (you don't yet have access to go live), this is the article for you! 


What does it mean to have Marketplace sales access?

If you have Marketplace sales access, that means that you can create Buy-it-Now listings that will be available for purchase at any time. Buyers can shop for your listings on your profile, or find them on our search and discovery pages (e.g., “Marketplace” tab).


If you currently have live sales access (i.e., can create live shows), then you automatically have Marketplace sales access as well!


I don’t have Marketplace sales access - how do I get it?

Right now, the Marketplace-only selling option is in beta with a small number of users. 


If you’d like to sell on Whatnot right now and you don’t have Marketplace sales access, we’d recommend going through the application flow to become a live seller. Once you’re granted live seller access, you can sell via live show and/or Marketplace. 


I’m currently a Marketplace-only seller, but I want to start selling via live shows as well. How do I do that?

There are two ways for a Marketplace seller to be approved for live sales access: 

  1. Apply to be a live seller our team reviews your application and may grant you approval, OR
  2. Automatically qualify for live sales approval – if your Whatnot Marketplace sales exceed $750 and 25 orders, then you’ll be approved to go live.


Please note that when you’re approved for live sales access, you still must attend an onboarding session before your first live show. See more info here. 


How do I start creating Marketplace listings?

You can create Marketplace listings in several ways, including:

  1. From the mobile app 
    1. Tap the “+” button from either the home page, your profile, or the marketplace tab.
    2. Select “List an Item”
    3. Follow steps to create a listing, and tap “Publish” when done 
      1. Remember to add high-quality images and try to fill out as much information as possible so more buyers will be interested in your listing
      2. Make sure you have “make active” toggle on so that your listing will be purchasable on the Marketplace!
  2. From Seller Hub

    1. Navigate to the Seller Hub from (select “Seller Hub: My Shipments” from menu)
    2. From the “Listings” tab in the Seller Hub, tap “Create Listing” in top right corner
    3. Select “Single Listing” to create listings one-by-one, or “Bulk Import” for Poshmark importer
    4. Follow steps provided and “Publish” when done


Where can buyers find my listings?

Buyers can find your Marketplace listings in any of the following places:

  • The “Shop” tab on your profile
  • Your live store (“Buy it Now” section) 
  • The Marketplace tab
  • Search


How do I know when one of my items has been sold?

You’ll get an email when a buyer purchases or makes an offer on your Marketplace listing. You can also see what items have sold through the Seller Hub and by checking the “Orders” tab from the menu in your mobile app.

Note - once your listing is sold, you are expected to ship out the item within two business days.


How do I ship?

  1. Generate your shipping label from the Whatnot Seller Hub [link to Shipments page]. 
  2. Print your label. 
  3. Follow our Packaging Guidelines.
  4. Drop the order off at USPS or schedule a free pickup online.


When an item sells on the Marketplace, you’ll be expected to drop it off as a USPS location within two business days.


How do I get paid?

Sellers in the United States will normally receive payment 48-72 hours after delivery to the buyer. Your funds will then be available for transfer to your bank account, and you can cash out via Stripe Connect (more info). 


What if I’m traveling and I won’t be able to ship out my sold Marketplace listing in 2 business days?

Please turn on vacation mode if you’ll be away from your inventory and won’t be able to ship out your packages on time! To do that, navigate to your profile menu in-app and tap “Vacation Mode” toggle to on (don’t forget to turn it off when you’re back!).


How can I edit my Marketplace listings?

Please refer to the following articles on how to edit your listing via the Whatnot mobile app or Seller Hub. You can edit a listing’s title, description, price, etc., as well as change the listing’s status to “inactivate” if you no longer want to sell the item at this time.


What are Whatnot’s selling fees for Marketplace listings?

Our sales fees for Marketplace listings are the same as our fees for live selling – i.e., 8% commission on the sold price of the item, and 2.9% + 30 cents/pence payment processing fee for each transaction. See here for more detail. 


How many Marketplace listings can I create?

While Marketplace-only sales access is in beta mode, we’re capping the number of listings you can create to no more than 30 listings per day. As our Marketplace program scales and your business grows, you’ll be able to create unlimited listings. 


Why was my listing removed by the Whatnot team?

You will receive an email if your Marketplace listing was removed for quality purposes. It’s important for Whatnot users to have a fun and safe shopping experience, and we may remove your listing if it violates our guidelines. If your listing is removed, you will not be able to reactivate your listing from the Seller Hub or Whatnot mobile app.


If I’m a Marketplace-only seller, do I still have to follow Whatnot’s Community Guidelines?

Yes! It’s important for all members of our community to follow our user and selling guidelines. Failure to comply with our guidelines may result in corrective action against your account.

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