Preparing for Seller Onboarding Preparing for Seller Onboarding

Preparing for Seller Onboarding

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Congratulations on scheduling your group onboarding session. You are one step closer to receiving live access! Here are some things you should do to make sure you are best prepared for your onboarding session:

Verify that you can sign into your Whatnot account, and add a profile picture:

During seller onboarding, you'll be asked to fill out a form that requires you be signed into your Whatnot account, so it is important that you verify you are able to access your account. 

  1. Visit or open the Whatnot app on iOS or Android
  2. Sign in using the email address or username that you applied to sell with. You can confirm your account email address by looking at which email address we sent your approval email to
  3. If you have forgotten your password, please select the "Forgot Password?" option from the main sign-in screen
  4. If you are already signed in, please visit your profile to confirm that you are signed into the correct account
  5. If you have not already, add a profile picture to improve the experience for buyers who tap on your profile


If you are still unable to sign into your account, please contact here.

Review our Trust & Safety Policies:

At Whatnot, we are proud to have a platform that is safe and fair for buyers and sellers. To ensure we can sustain this, it is crucial that as a seller on our platform you are aware of all of our policies and procedures.

  1. Please review each of the articles listed in the Trust & Safety section of our FAQ page so you are best prepared for our Trust & Safety discussion during seller onboarding

Additional resources to review before your session:

During seller onboarding, we will provide you with a lot of information. Here are some resources that you can review ahead of time to give yourself a head start! 

  1. Scheduling a Live Show
  2. Features available to sellers during a live
  3. Shipping cost for buyers
  4. How to ship out items from a live
  5. Whatnot Community Guidelines

Attending your onboarding session:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email from Calendly that contains a link that you can use to join a Zoom Meeting at the time and date you scheduled. 
  2. If you join before your scheduled start time, you will be put into a waiting room, and your host will let you in immediately at, or shortly after the scheduled start time
  3. If you need to reschedule your onboarding meeting for any reason, please schedule a new session using the link in your original approval email

If you experience any issue with attending or rescheduling an onboarding session, please contact We look forward to seeing you during your session, and congrats again on being approved to go live on Whatnot! 


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