How do I use a SCAN form? How do I use a SCAN form?

How do I use a SCAN form?

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Note: SCAN forms are only available for US sellers.

SCAN forms are single-page forms that have one barcode which aggregates all of your shipments. When you scan this barcode at the post office, each shipment that the form represents will receive an acceptance scan, and you do not have to scan them individually. This is useful when you have a large number of shipments to ship at once.


Once you finish generating labels for your shipments, you can generate a SCAN form by clicking on the "Generate SCAN Sheet" button on your shipments tab of the Seller Hub. SCAN forms are segmented by Lives, so you will need to generate a different SCAN form for each Live that you run. You can select specific Lives by selecting the drop-down menu beneath "Shipments".




  • SCAN forms must be generated on the same day that the labels are generated.

  • SCAN forms do not support international shipments. These will not be included in the form and must be scanned separately to reflect they have been dropped off.

  • Once a shipment is added to a SCAN form it cannot be added to a different form. They will need to be scanned individually.

  • SCAN forms with canceled labels are invalidated and can no longer be used.

  • Disable pop-up blockers on your web browser as they may prevent the SCAN form from generating
  • SCAN forms can only be generated once. After you generate the form, download it immediately as there is not a way to retrieve it later.


For more information on SCAN Forms, visit USPS FAQ 

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