Reviewing and Rating a Seller Reviewing and Rating a Seller

Reviewing and Rating a Seller

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As a seller on Whatnot, your rating can significantly affect who decides to purchase from you. Once an order is delivered successfully, the status of an order will update to Pending Review, which means the order is waiting for the buyer's rating. Once the buyer rates an order, the order will be updated to the Complete status.

Buyers can rate sellers on a 5 star scale across four key dimensions. The rating you see on your profile is an average of these ratings categories. Buyers can now also leave a written review! These categories are broken down below:

  • Overall: How happy are you overall with your purchase? 
  • Shipping: How fast was your order shipped?
  • Packaging: How was the condition of your purchase?
  • Accuracy: Did you receive what you expected?

The ratings you receive will appear across Whatnot and potential buyers can see how you are rated across these categories. 

To maintain a high rating, it's important you ship things fast, package them well, and ensure you accurately describe items to buyers. 

Leaving a Rating

You can leave a rating on your experience with the orders you’ve received. Note: Ratings can only be made on the iOS and Android mobile app.

  1. Access your profile within the Whatnot app.
  2. Tap the Menu two-lines icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Under Buying, select Purchases
  4. Tap on the order you would like to leave a rating for.
  5. Choose Rate Purchase.

Note: If your order has recently been marked delivered, you will be prompted to leave a rating immediately upon opening the Whatnot app.

Important Notes

  • A buyer will only be able to rate a seller once their items are delivered.
  • Once an item is delivered, it will enter a "pending review", giving the buyer time to rate their purchase before it moves to complete.
  • Sellers can tap on the menu to the right of a rating to report it to Whatnot, and we'll review it under our Community Guidelines. Please note that except in limited circumstances, we will not remove reviews over 30 days old. See this article for more information on how to appeal a review. 
  • Users who leave reviews that violate our Community Guidelines may face corrective action in accordance with our What Actions We Take guidelines.
  • Written reviews are optional for buyers, and are visible by anyone who views a seller's rating. Reviews without a written component will not be individually visible. As a seller, you can see these reviews on your profile by navigating to the Reviews tab.
  • Written reviews can only be seen on iOS and Web at the moment.
  • The global rating is the average of all ratings left for the seller, regardless of whether a written review was included.
  • Consistent low ratings over time may result in an account action in accordance with our What Actions We Take guidelines.

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