How do I start selling? How do I start selling?

How do I start selling?

Whatnot Support Whatnot Support

To sell, first download the Whatnot app on the Apple App Store or Google Play

You can either sell on our marketplace or by going live. In order to sell, you must submit an application to our team. You can apply to sell here.

Selling on Whatnot’s marketplace is simple! If your account is set up for selling, just search the product you want to sell on the product tab, tap the Sell button and you’ll be able to create a listing. Once we review the listing, it goes live on Whatnot. Once an item is sold, you will have to ship the item directly to the buyer or us for verification.

If the buyer opts for hand-verification, you’re paid for the sale directly after authentication. If the item is sent directly to the buyer, you’re paid 48-72 hours after the item is delivered (as long as there’s no dispute).

Note: Currently, we are accepting sellers from the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


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