Understanding and Using Seller Analytics Understanding and Using Seller Analytics

Understanding and Using Seller Analytics

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Seller Analytics empowers you with the data to understand the success of your business on Whatnot. With this data, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your content, grow your audience, and hit your selling and livestream goals. 

With the Seller Analytics dashboard, you can specify a timeframe and see how you’ve trended over time in your livestreams and the marketplace. The following types of data are provided:

  • Sales and revenue from livestreams and the marketplace
  • Orders from livestreams and the marketplace
  • Livestream performance (views, stream time, etc.)
  • Top buyers

Note: Seller Analytics is only available from the web browser on your desktop or tablet. This dashboard may take 1-2 days for data to update and will only reflect completed orders (delivered and paid out).

Accessing the Seller Analytics Dashboard

To access Seller Analytics: 

  1. Go to whatnot.com on your desktop or tablet web browser.
  2. Click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner, then select Seller Hub.
    Seller hub - web.png
  3. Select Analytics from menu on the left side of the screen.
    Analytics - web.png

Using the Seller Analytics Dashboard

Seller Analytics is broken down into the following sections:

  • Data timeframe filter: Filter the data you want to view by a specific timeframe.

  • Data filters and graphs: Choose the data type you want to view in the graph table and filter the data by segments such as All, Livestream, Marketplace, or Giveaways.

  • Who is watching my live shows?: View and export a list of the top 10 buyers in your livestreams by their total number of sales or orders.

Adjusting the Seller Analytics Timeframe

You can adjust the Seller Analytics dashboard to show data accumulated during a specified timeframe. 

Note: The timeframe is in Pacific Time (PST). 

To adjust the timeframe, use one of the following methods:

  • Use the arrows next to the date to change the timeframe. The date range will remain the same as you change the timeframe. For example: If the date range is two weeks, using the arrows will move the timeframe back or forward two weeks.
  • Click Edit Dates under the timeframe dates.
    1. Use the Quick Select options (ranging from Last 7 Days to Last Year), or use the calendar to choose a custom timeframe. 
    2. Click Update.

Using the Seller Analytics Data Filters

You can change the type of data you’d like to view in the graph data table by:

  • Selecting one of the four metrics above the graph.

  • Clicking the down arrow next to one of the data metrics and selecting an option from the dropdown list.

  • Clicking the down arrow next to the graph data table title and choosing All, Livestream, Marketplace, or Giveaways. The options provided will differ depending on which data metric you’re viewing.

Seller Analytics Metrics 

  • Sales: Your total sales for completed orders.
  • Number of Lives: The total number of lives you hosted.
  • Streamed Time: The total amount of time you were live.
  • Order Count: The number of completed orders. Giveaways are not included in total amounts but can be viewed using the Giveaways filter.
  • Estimated Revenue: Your total estimated revenue earned for completed orders; this will be your sales minus the fees taken out.
  • Average Order Value: The average amount a completed order sold for. This reflects the value before fees were taken out.
  • Max Concurrent Viewers: The maximum number of viewers that viewed your streams at the same time.

Viewing the Top Buyers by Livestream Sales or Orders

Under the Who is watching my liveshows? you can view and export a list of your top buyers based on either the total sales amount or the total number of orders they’ve placed in your livestream. 

Click Export Data at the bottom of either table to download the list as a .csv file.


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