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Seller Statements

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Seller statements provide a summary of a seller’s sales activity on Whatnot.  This statement includes a breakdown of income, fees and costs, and payouts. This can be used to help with the financial reporting needs of a seller’s business and calculate taxes.

Seller statements can be accessed under Statements in the the Financials section of the Seller Hub.

What statements are available?

A 2023 annual statement is currently available to all sellers (excluding EU sellers) who had sales activity in 2023.  

Coming soon will be monthly statements for 2024. UK sellers will also receive a statement aligning to the UK tax year.

What information is included in each line item?

  • Opening Funds:  The funds in your Whatnot account at the beginning of the period
  • Earnings:  Includes gross sales, earnings from tips, earnings from referrals and affiliate rewards, and other income, credits, and reimbursements you received over the course of the period.
  • Fees & Costs: Includes payment processing fees, commissions, fees for ads, seller-paid shipping (including giveaways), seller-sponsored coupons, charges for refunds and canceled orders, and other fees and adjustments you were charged over the course of the period.
  • Payouts: Any payouts you received over the course of the period
  • Closing Funds: The funds in your Whatnot account at the end of the period.


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