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This article covers the new option to promote your livestream! You can now select to promote the entirety of your livestream or a set duration. 

Show Promotion is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to efficiently promote your livestreams,  maximizing the number of impressions. Simply set up the budget and duration of your promotion and let Whatnot do the rest in terms of presenting it to the users viewing the show's category. Our algorithm will optimize your show’s appearance in sponsored spots on the feed to best allocate your budget.

This Promote tool is currently only available to US live shows in the following categories: 

  • Sports
  • TCGs
  • Women's Fashion
  • Men's Fashion
  • Toys & Hobbies 
  • Coins & Money 

How to Promote Your Livestream

  1. Open the live stream you'd like to promote and select the promote button (small tag icon) on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select the "Show Promotion" option.
  3. You can then set your budget and duration you'd like to generate impressions.
  4. Once you hit next, your promotion campaign is ready and will start once your show begins!
  5. When the promotion starts, you should notice a yellow “Promoted” indicator inside the viewership pill (in the top right corner). A similar indicator will appear when your show will be boosted.

Edit or Stop an Active Promotion

You are able to edit or stop a promotion once you started it and you will only be charged for the time spent promoting your show.

  1. Select the "Promote" button on the left-right side of the screen or select the 3 dots on the right side of the screen and scroll down until you see "Promote".
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the promotion page and you will see the option to end your promotion or to edit it. 


Promoting vs Boosting your Livestream

Whatnot Boost, formerly known as promoting your livestream, gave you the opportunity to boost your show to one of the top spots of the category's live shows for 15 minutes. 

Boosting a stream was based on a bid that is placed for the promotional spot. Your account was only charged if you won the bid and then your show would be promoted for 15 minutes. 

This option is still available. However, sellers who want to pace their promotion throughout the duration of their stream can use the new Promote feature! 

This Promote feature allows you to pay per impression rather than time (15 minutes) based on your budget and desired duration.



Where will my live stream be promoted?

  • At this time, a livestream will be promoted in the category feed associated with that livestream (e.g. Pokemon) with a “Sponsored” label while you are “live”. In addition, we may also promote your livestream in the parent category (e.g. Trading Card Games”). Please note this is not a guaranteed location for promotion and we may change the placement & format of how this appears as we iterate on the Show Promotion tool

Where can I see the results of my promoted show?

  • We recently released an initial version of Ads Dashboard inside the Seller Dashboard. You can see the results there. Stay tuned for more sophisticated analytics soon!

What if I want to Boost my show while having an active Show Promotion?

  • If your livestream is chosen to be boosted (wins 15-minutes spotlight in category first position) we will pause your promotion to not double charge you. As soon as the 15-minute boost window ends, we will resume your promotion and proceed as we did before you won the spotlight.

How long will my live stream be promoted?

  • Your promotion will run until either your budget runs out, the promotion reaches the end of its duration, or the livestream ends - whichever happens first. If you wish to stop the promotion earlier or make it longer, you can simply edit its details in the Promote screen, where you originally created it.

How do I pay for my promotion?

  • You will be charged per generated buyer impression.

    When creating a promotion you set up an hourly budget and its duration. We will be charging your ledger periodically based on the impressions generated for you, until either your budget runs out, the promotion reaches the end of its duration, or the livestream ends - whichever happens first. 

    You will never pay more than the total cost as outlined on the Overview screen during promotion creation.

    Once deducted from the ledger, you should be able to see the transaction by going to Profile -> Menu -> Selling -> Payments & Payouts -> Transaction History

Why can’t I promote my stream?

  • Your category may not yet be eligible for promotions while we are testing in other categories. Also, monitor your T&S Metrics and make sure that your content and conduct align with our Community Guidelines. Violations could lead to your access being disabled (read more about What Actions We Take.)

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