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Tips Terms and Conditions

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Your use of the Tips feature, and your payment or receipt of tips on Whatnot, are subject to the following Tips Terms and Conditions, under which the Tips feature is made available. All tips and the use of the Tips feature are further subject to Whatnot’s Terms of Service (the “Terms”), which are incorporated by reference into these Tips Terms & Conditions. For clarity, all Tips transactions will be considered “Transactions” for purposes of the Terms, notwithstanding that such Tips Transaction does not contemplate or require the shipment of a tangible item or the receipt by buyers of an Item (each as defined in the Terms) to complete the Transaction. 

Limitations and Rules

  • Use of the Tips feature is limited to registered Whatnot App users who are logged into their App accounts and are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France. Other users cannot send or receive tips at this time.
  • For Tips Transactions only, in order to ensure that sellers receive 100% of the listed tip amount, the fees described in our fee schedule are modified as follows:
    • Whatnot does not charge sellers the Whatnot Commission Fee on Tips Transactions.
    • Buyers (tippers), in lieu of sellers, are charged the standard processing fees as applied to the selected tip amount, which can be viewed as added to the tip amount before finalizing the Transaction. 
  • Credit and debit cards are the only permissible methods of payment for tips at this time (Apple Pay and Paypal are not currently supported).
  • Users may only tip between $1 and $100 per tip (or £1 and £100 per tip or €1 and €100 per tip) depending on their location.
  • Tipping volume (per tipper) is limited to:
    • $200 (or £200 or €200) or 10 tips maximum per seller per livestream. 
    • A maximum of $500 (or £500 or €500) in total tips per day.  
  • All Tips Transactions are binding, and all tips are non-refundable. 
  • There is a 15 second cooldown period for tipping so once you tip, you need to wait 30 seconds before you can tip again.
  • Users can only tip sellers using the methods listed in Tipping a Seller. Sellers are prohibited from soliciting tips outside of the in-built tip functionality, like by creating separate store or other listings of their own for purposes of receiving tips, in compliance with the Terms.
  • Tips cannot be used to circumvent otherwise applicable fees on Whatnot, which are needed to operate the App. This includes a prohibition on using the Tips function to facilitate sales of products or goods. Evidence of any systems or techniques to avoid fees, or use of the Tips feature for anything other than genuine tipping, will result in account action (immediate ban in most cases) to both the buyer and seller. 
  • Tips may not be exchanged for content, services, or performances that contain sexually explicit or nude content, or that otherwise violate our community guidelines requirements around Adult and Mature content.
  • Tip thank you notes must follow our community guidelines. To report messages that are against the Community Guidelines, please use the reporting tool from the user’s profile.
  • If you violate these Tips Terms & Conditions or our other Terms, or no longer meet any of the above criteria, your access to the Tips feature may be terminated.
  • These Tips Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

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