High Value Loss Reimbursement Policy High Value Loss Reimbursement Policy

High Value Loss Reimbursement Policy

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What this means for buyers:

In order to maintain a trustworthy marketplace where people feel secure and protected in their purchases, Whatnot will reimburse buyers at the market price of a high-value hit card if it is missing. 

In order to receive a reimbursement, buyers must contact Whatnot within the required timeframes, and not be otherwise excluded from a refund, as set out in our Whatnot Buyer Protection policy.

Whatnot will be monitoring for potential abuse of the process and may decline reimbursement if there is a pattern of refund abuse.


What this means for sellers:

Sellers are responsible for ensuring buyers receive exactly what they bought, on time and as advertised. In the event that a high value package is not protected and lost or damaged in transit, Sellers may be responsible for the cost of the full purchase amount. Learn more about protecting your orders.

Whatnot is monitoring the frequency of reports of missing high-value cards. Repeated instances of missing hit cards will result in account suspension or ban. 

Sellers will be accountable if a buyer didn't receive exactly what they bought due to a mistake (or theft) by a seller's employee. In the event of misconduct, sellers will be financially responsible and may be billed back the market price of the item. We recommend sellers invest in training employees on packaging and shipping on time. We also encourage sellers to install cameras in your fulfillment facility to guard against employee theft.

Seller may be billed back for the market price of an item if they send the item to a user other than as set out in their seller dashboard (this excludes items sent to a recipient using Whatnot’s gifting feature). 

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