Entering a Standard Giveaway Entering a Standard Giveaway

Entering a Standard Giveaway

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This article discusses how to enter a standard giveaway during a livestream. 

During a livestream, sellers can run giveaways at any time to show gratitude to their followers and buyers. Giveaways are completely free, and the seller will pay for any shipping costs. 

There are two types of giveaways sellers can run during a livestream: standard giveaways and Buyer Appreciation giveaways. This article focuses on entering standard giveaways. Visit Entering a Buyer Appreciation Giveaway to learn more about standard giveaways.

Note: You can only enter a giveaway using the mobile app (iOS or Android).

To learn more about giveaway guidelines and frequently asked questions, visit Giveaways Overview

Entering a Giveaway Pinned in a Livestream

When a seller starts a giveaway, it will be pinned to the screen of their livestream. Enter a giveaway by following these steps:

  1. Open the Whatnot app in your web browser or mobile device. 
  2. Go to the desired livestream. 
  3. Once the seller pins the giveaway, click or tap Enter Giveaway

When a seller runs a giveaway, ensure you qualify to enter that giveaway by checking the giveaway details at the bottom of the livestream. 

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