Coins and Money Best Practices Coins and Money Best Practices

Coins and Money Best Practices

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To assist coins and money sellers on Whatnot, we've outlined some best practices for the category. These guidelines aim to inform sellers of our rules, enhance transparency for buyers, and improve the overall experience for both parties. 

For Sellers: 

Sellers should directly incorporate disclosures into their coins and money listings, beyond just their show notes.

Coins and Money Guidelines: 

  • Bullion coins may have distinct tax requirements compared to general collectible coins. In order to avoid potential tax discrepancies, sellers are advised to be highly specific when selecting the product type. In case of miscategorization, sellers may be billed back for any tax discrepancies.
  • For all coins and currency listings, sellers should include the place of origin and the year or time period.
  • We recommend bullion coin sellers provide detailed information on their products, including the composition of the coin, the precious metal weight, and the fineness of the coin (purity).

Please note, under our Community Guidelines Whatnot prohibits; 

  • Counterfeit, replica, or forged coins and money 

For Buyers: 

In order for our team to process your request, please submit any customer service claims within 30 days of receiving your order. Please note that we cannot review bulk requests, so be sure to send individual requests for each order.

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