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Anytime Auctions are a new selling format on Whatnot, bringing curated collections from the sellers you love into an exciting 24/7 always-on format. Not only can you bid on these auctions outside of a livestream, you can also bid live if the seller pins them to their livestream.

Note: This feature is in beta release and is not yet available on web (mobile only). 

Finding Anytime Auctions

All of the Anytime Auctions will show up in the Anytime Auctions tab in the marketplace (see screenshot), as well as in search results and sellers’ stores.

Bidding on Anytime Auctions

Bidding on Anytime auctions should feel familiar, just like bidding in a Whatnot live.  Swipe the yellow bar to bid up by the minimum increment, or type in your secret max bid, and we’ll automatically place bids for you up to that amount.

Once you place a bid, you’ll receive push notifications to keep you updated on the auction, including when you get outbid, when the auction is nearing the end, and if you win.  You will also receive an email with the result of the auction, along with an order confirmation email if you win the auction.

To check the status of your bids, check out the Active Bids section of the Anytime Auctions page, or go to your profile and tap the “Bids and Offers” option under the menu.

Other Important Info

If you win an auction, your default payment method and default shipping address at the time the auction ends will be used, so please make sure those are up-to-date before bidding.

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