Inviting a Co-host to your Live Inviting a Co-host to your Live

Inviting a Co-host to your Live

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This article outlines how to invite a user to co-host your live. A co-host joins the live and streams their video as well as your own live feed!

*Note: Only accounts approved to go live can be invited as a co-host.

How to invite a Co-host

  1. Once you are hosting a live show, select the username of the person you'd like to co-host with you
  2. Select "Invite to co-host"
    • When inviting a co-host on the web platform, the co-host must be on an Android or iOS device
  3. The user will receive a banner notification giving them the chance to accept or deny the cohost invitation

Who Fulfills the Orders from a Co-Hosted Live Show?

All orders made during a co-hosted live are the responsibility of the original host. All shipping labels are provided to the original host of the stream and not the co-host.

If a co-host has items from their inventory sold during a live show, it is the responsibility of the original host to provide the shipping labels to the co-host and ensure the items are shipped.

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