Inviting a Co-host to your Live Inviting a Co-host to your Live

Inviting a Co-host to your Live

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This article outlines how to invite a user to co-host your live. A co-host joins the live and streams their video as well as your own live feed!

*Note: Only the account directly invited by the stream's host can be a co-host.

How to invite a Co-host

  1. Once you are hosting a live show, select the username of the person you'd like to co-host with you
  2. Select "Invite to co-host"
    • When inviting a co-host on the web platform, the co-host must be on an Android or iOS device. For now, when co-hosting from web, you will not be able to hear or see your co-host.
  3. The user will receive a banner notification giving them the chance to accept or deny the cohost invitation

Co-Hosting Post Live

*Note: The Original Host is responsible for all the orders sold in the live show. If there is an issue with an order, the original host’s account will be linked to that order. However, both accounts are subject to investigation and potential account action by our Trust & Safety teams if our community guidelines are not followed.

Who Fulfills the Orders from a Co-Hosted Live Show?

All orders made during a co-hosted live are the responsibility of the original host. All shipping labels are provided to the original host of the stream within the Seller-Hub and not the co-host.

If a co-host has items from their inventory sold during a live show, it is the responsibility of the original host to provide the shipping labels to the co-host and ensure the items are shipped.

How to send labels to the Co-Host.

Once the live show is over, all labels will be present in the original host’s seller-hub . (The original host is the seller who scheduled the live and invited the co-host into their show.) 

The original host should be able to generate the labels within their Seller-Hub by selecting the show in which the co-host was present. 

Once the labels have been generated, the original host should be able to select which labels to send by downloading the selected labels and emailing them to the Co-Host. 

*Note: Any label sent to the co-host will have the original host’s address as the return address. If the item is returned for incorrect address purposes, or labeled as undeliverable, the order will be returned to the original host. 

Who gets the payout for the orders sold on a co-hosted live? 

The original seller will receive all the funds from the show regardless of who shipped out the order. 

If I was the co-host and have items that were sold in the live, how can I send out the items? 

The original co-host will need to email you the labels as all the labels will be present in the original hosts seller-hub. 

Can the co-host sell items in their marketplace? 

No. If the co-host has items that they want to sell while co-hosting a show, they need to have the original seller list that item as part of their inventory either prior to the show starting, or they can “quick add” the item from their account. 


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