Seller and Moderator Livestream Commands Seller and Moderator Livestream Commands

Seller and Moderator Livestream Commands

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Welcome to our Livestream Moderation Commands Guide! As a moderator or seller in our livestream, you have access to a set of commands that enhance your ability to manage and interact with the audience effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the current available commands:

/announce <message>

  • Purpose: Designate messages as "important."
  • Usage: /announce <message>
  • Description: This command allows moderators and sellers to highlight their messages by marking them as important. The designated message will stand out by changing its color, ensuring it catches the attention of viewers. Use this feature to emphasize crucial information or announcements during the livestream.

/hide <message>

  • Purpose: Send hidden messages visible only to sellers or other moderators.
  • Usage: /hide <message>
  • Description: This command empowers moderators and sellers to communicate privately within the livestream. Messages sent using /hide will be visible exclusively to authorized individuals, enabling seamless coordination and discussion without displaying information to the general audience.

/slow <time>

  • Purpose: Implement chat rate limiting and set a cooldown timer.
  • Usage: /slow <time>
  • Description: Sellers have the ability to control the rate at which messages can be sent in the chat. By using /slow, a cooldown timer can be set, requiring users to wait before sending subsequent messages. For instance, typing /slow 5 seconds will introduce a 5-second cooldown between messages, regulating the chat flow and ensuring a more organized interaction.

/raid <username>

  • Purpose: Initiate a raid to another livestream at the end of your broadcast.
  • Usage: /raid <username>
  • Description: At the conclusion of your livestream, the /raid command allows sellers to seamlessly transition their audience to another livestream channel. By specifying the target channel, sellers can invite their viewers to join and engage with another stream, promoting community growth and fostering connections between channels. Raiding is a fantastic way to keep your audience entertained, support fellow sellers, and expand your community.

Please note that these commands are currently available, and our team is continuously working on additional features and commands to further enhance the livestream experience for sellers and moderators. As new commands become available, this guide will be updated accordingly.

For any further assistance or inquiries regarding these commands or other functionalities, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for being an essential part of our livestream community!

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