Creating and Managing Coupons for your Livestream Creating and Managing Coupons for your Livestream

Creating and Managing Coupons for your Livestream

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Sellers can offer coupons to their buyers that can be used on livestream auctions or Buy it Now store purchases. Sellers will be responsible for covering the cost of applied discounts and will see all claimed coupons on their payment ledger. 

Note: Coupons are currently only available for purchases in a live show. They are not applicable to Marketplace purchases.

Note: Each coupon can only be redeemed once per buyer and is applied to a single order. 

Coupon Discount Types and Qualifications

Sellers can set the discount type and choose the coupon qualifications. However, all coupons must follow the Coupon Terms & Conditions and Whatnot Community Guidelines. 

At the moment, sellers can only create coupons with a fixed dollar amount discount or a percentage discount (with a fixed maximum). The discount applies to the subtotal of a purchase Coupons can also be limited to specific

  • Types of buyers (e.g., first-time buyers)
  • Livestreams 
  • Minimum purchase amount 

Creating and Sharing Coupon Codes

You can only create coupons from the web browser. However, coupons can only be used via the mobile app. 

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Seller Hub from the dropdown.
  4. Then click Marketing from the left menu.
  5. Click Coupons from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select Create coupon.
  7. In the Create coupon menu on the right, configure the following:
    1. Audience: Choose if you want to make the coupon available to Everyone or New Buyers
    2. Coupon Code: The code your viewers will use to apply the coupon. Note: A coupon code can only be between 4 and 15 characters and only contain capital letters and numbers. 
    3. Coupon Type: The type of discount the coupon will offer. 
      1. Fixed Amount Option
        1. Discount Amount: Enter the coupon discount amount in your currency. 
      2. Percentage Option
        1. Discount Percentage: Enter the percentage that will be discounted off the subtotal.
          e.g. “20” for 20%
        2. Maximum Discount Amount: Enter the maximum discount in your currency that the coupon may deduct.
          e.g. A 50% off with a maximum discount of $20 coupon is used on a $100 item. The coupon will deduct $20.
    4. Minimum Purchase Amount: Enter the minimum amount of the order subtotal for the coupon to be applicable.
  8. Click Next
  9. Select the livestreams to which you’d like to assign the coupon. Choose one of the below options:
    1. Selected livestreams: Check the checkboxes to assign the coupon to the selected livestreams only
    2. All upcoming livestreams: The coupon will be available in all existing and new livestreams, including any future ones you might schedule.
  10. Click Create coupon
  11. To share your coupon code with others:
    1. Select Copy Coupon. The coupon code will be copied to your clipboard so you paste it anywhere.
    2. Share the coupon with your community as desired. 
  12. Click Done to finish creating your coupon.

Managing Your Coupons in the Seller Hub

All coupons you’ve created will appear in a table in the Coupons dashboard. From there, you can see the following info for each coupon: 

  • Coupon code
  • Date the coupon was added
  • The type of coupon
  • How many coupons were claimed and applied
  • If the coupon was deactivated

Editing or Deactivating a Coupon

To edit a coupon, click on the coupon in the table and choose either Edit or Deactivate.

The type and parameters of a coupon may not be edited once created.

Deactivated coupons will no longer be useable, even if buyers have saved the coupon in their Whatnot Wallet. Once a coupon is deactivated, buyers can no longer use them unless sellers choose to reactivate the coupons.


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