Seller Application Walkthrough Seller Application Walkthrough

Seller Application Walkthrough

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This is what you can expect when filling out an application to be a live seller on Whatnot. Based on how you answer certain questions, it may prompt you for additional information. It takes an average of 5-7 minutes to complete the application.

Agree To The Rules

To start, we surface our guidelines that are designed to ensure our community remains a fun and safe space for everyone.

Select Categories

Please select the category you are most interested in selling in.


Please select how much revenue you generate from your sales every month. 

Social Media

If you sell on social media, tell us which platforms you sell on here!  Please ensure that links to your social media profiles are typed in correctly. If the team cannot click the link and see your profile, your application could be denied.

Return Address

Please enter your full name that matches your government-issued ID for the application. If approved to sell, you can update your name within the Seller Hub, if you would prefer an alias on your shipping labels.

You can also use a PO Box or your business name as long as it’s 2 characters or longer.

Payment Method

You will need to upload a payment method in order to complete your seller application. If you already have a payment method on file because you are a buyer, you can just click “I accept” with the information already populated in there.

Identity Verification

In order to sell on Whatnot, you must verify your identity with either a must upload your government-issued photo ID or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or a government-issued photo ID.

If your verification was submitted successfully, you will see this screen. 

Anything else?

Please include any additional information that you think the team should consider when reviewing your application.

Thank you!

You’re done! Please keep an eye on your email as the team should be in touch with an application decision within two weeks or sooner!

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