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Seller Application FAQ

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This article covers frequently asked questions related to the seller application process. 

What do I need in order to apply to sell on Whatnot?

You will need your ID/passport (for identity verification), a payment method, a return shipping address, inventory photos/videos, direct links to your social media profiles, and direct links to your selling profiles as well as any additional information you wish to provide.

How long does the application to sell take to complete?

It can take up to 10 minutes to complete the application.

What does Whatnot look for when reviewing seller applications?

Whatnot evaluates your application on 3 criteria. In general, we are looking for people who are strong in one or more of these areas:

Selling History: Has an established selling history on Whatnot or a third-party platform (eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, online store, etc) with overwhelmingly positive feedback

Social Media Engagement: Has a significant presence on social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc) with category relevance

Inventory: Has enough quality and quantity of inventory to go live consistently

When will I be approved to go live?

Please allow the Applications Team up to two weeks to review your application. If you do not receive a response within 2 weeks, please contact for a status update.

How much inventory do I need to get approved?

Each category is different, but there is no set amount of inventory required. We are looking for applicants who display enough inventory to go live consistently.

How many followers do I need on social media to get approved to sell?

There is no set amount of required followers. However, we are looking for social media accounts that have relevance to the category you plan to sell in or a large social media following without category relevance.

I applied to sell, but I want to change my username to my business name. 

Please wait to update any account information until after your application is processed. Changing your username/email address during the application process could delay an application decision.

I applied to sell in Funko, but I also want to sell basketball cards. Do I have to apply again?

Once you are approved to sell on Whatnot, you are able to sell in any category other than Luxury Bags & Accessories. This category requires additional approval. If you are interested in selling in Luxury Bags & Accessories, please reach out to for assistance.

I forgot to include my eBay link/social media profile/etc on my application. How can I add it? 

Please reach out to with the information you would like to add. Be sure to include the username and email address that you used on your application. 

My friend got approved to sell in one day. Why is my application taking so long?

Depending on which category you applied for, there may be a slight backlog. Please allow the team up to two weeks to review your application. If you do not receive a decision within two weeks, please contact for a status update.

I was approved to sell and did the onboarding, but my live access still isn’t on.

If your live access isn’t automatically enabled after your onboarding session, please check your email as we will contact you to let you know why. In the majority of cases, we’re either missing your government-issued ID or the email address/username you provided on the quiz does not match the email address/username that was provided on your application. 

I’m under 18, but still want to sell on Whatnot. Can you make an exception?

Unfortunately, you must be 18 years or older to use Whatnot.

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