How To Report A User & How We Investigate How To Report A User & How We Investigate

How To Report A User & How We Investigate

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You can report a user (buyer or seller) breaking our community guidelines directly in-app or by contacting All reports are anonymous. 

Within a livestream, you can click on the username to find the “report” button, which will then lead you to prompts to help you report the incident.


You can also report a user in your DM by clicking “...” more options button on the upper right corner. 

Once a report is received, Whatnot’s Trust & Safety team investigates the facts, analyzes relevant history and data, and reviews live streams to gather evidence of potential violations. During an ongoing investigation, Whatnot may temporarily suspend the reported user’s access to features, including their ability to go live.

In addition to responding to reports, the Trust and Safety team also launches investigations proactively based on data analysis and tip-offs from the community. We regularly monitor seller and buyer data to understand patterns and habitual abuse of our policies. If we detect a pattern with evidence, we will take action against the user.

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