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Electronics on Whatnot - Best Practices

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Below we have set out some best practices to ensure sellers and buyers in the Electronics category have a positive commerce experience. Transparent disclosure around product condition is key to these best practices so that buyers know what they are buying or bidding on. 

Electronics Condition Categories

When selling electronics, it is important to select the correct condition category when creating a detailed listing so that buyers understand what they are bidding on/buying. We also ask that sellers verbally disclose the condition of their items during the live stream.

When buying electronics, always check the condition that is listed with a product before bidding/buying, so that you understand the state of the product you will receive.

See below for how Whatnot categorizes conditions in electronics:

  • Brand New - Item is brand new, unopened in original sealed packaging with no damage to packaging. 
    • For example: a clearance item that is still in original packaging and has been unopened
  • Open-box - Item is in excellent condition with no functional defects. Item may not have original packaging, and packaging may have wear and tear. Item may have been lightly used for demo or testing purposes, and there may be signs of light use. Item includes all accessories found in the original product. 
    • For example: a TV that was returned to a retailer with an open box
  • Refurbished - Item has been restored, cleaned and is fully functional. This item may not be in original packaging. Item may include new or original accessories. 
    • For example: a pre-owned Apple Watch that was refurbished into good condition 
  • Used and fully functioning - Item has been used and tested, but it is fully functional as intended.  Item may have noticeably signs of wear and tear, and it may not include all accessories found in the original product. 
    • For example: a vacuum that has been previously used 
  • For parts, not fully functioning, or untested - Item does not function as intended, or has not been tested for functionality. Items may require service, may be difficult to use, or may be missing essential parts. Item may not have been inspected for wear and tear to item or packaging. Accessories and manuals may be missing from the item.
    • For example: a computer hard drive, headphones with only one functional ear, or an untested Amazon Kindle that may or may not be working   

Electronics Description Disclosure

  • Select appropriate condition on all items: Select the appropriate condition category when listing a product for your livestream or on marketplace.
    • Verbally disclose product condition before the item is run on the livestream
  • Disclose any defects, flaws, or damage: Call out on camera and clearly show on livestream any defects, flaws or damage to item, accessories or packaging, for example: wear and tear, scuffs, scratches, dents, signs of usage, screen burns, discoloration.
    • Verbally disclose any damage at the time that the relevant item is run (rather than generally at the beginning of the livestream)
    • Include any defects, flaws or damage in listing photos and descriptions (BIN and live listings)

  • Highlight what is included in the listing: Be clear about what is included with the item, e.g., charger, power cord.
    • Verbally disclose (and include in product listing) if there are any missing items

  • Disclose when an item is Hazmat. Include this in the item description of the product so that buyers are aware of potentially slow shipping speed given this condition.

  • Disclose the types of item conditions that will be sold in show notes. For example: “All items are open box, unless otherwise specified”.

Other seller best practices

When selling electronics we recommend the following to ensure a smooth selling and buying experience: 

  • Inspect & test: Inspect & test items carefully for any defects, flaws or damage, and to determine appropriate condition category
  • Clean electronics: When prepping used electronics for sale, clean them thoroughly

Buyer FAQ 

How do I know more about items being sold in the electronics category? 

We encourage buyers to review the relevant description and/or condition included with each product carefully before buying/bidding on an item. You can review the item’s condition, as well as the listing description and photos to gather details about the item.  In addition, you can always ask questions to sellers in a livestream for more clarity about the item being sold, including specific questions about the item’s functionality, or what is included with the item. 

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