Blocking a User Blocking a User

Blocking a User

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At Whatnot, you can block a user to prevent them from:

  • Following you.
  • Direct messaging you in the app.
  • Viewing your profile.
  • Bookmarking, joining, and chatting in your livestreams.
  • Making future purchases from your marketplace listings. Any existing orders with this user at the time they were blocked will still be honored.

Note: If you feel that someone is breaking any of Whatnot’s Community Guidelines, you can also report that user to our Trust and Safety team.

To block a user:

  1. Open the Whatnot app on the web or mobile.
  2. Go to a user’s profile. 
  3. Tap or click the three-dot icon at the top right of that user’s profile, then select Block.

  4. Click or tap Block (web and Android) or Yes (iOS) to block that user. 



I blocked another user, how do I unblock them?

  • You will need to search for the blocked user by name in the app and in their profile, tap the menu at the top and choose “Unblock” 

Where can I see a list of blocked users? 

  • We currently do not have a way for users to see a list of all the users they have blocked. Make sure you want to block someone because currently blocking is permanent! 

I got banned from a livestream, why? 

  • Either the stream host or the mod removed you from the show. Please take a look at our Community Guidelines to ensure you are acting in accordance with them. If you are removed from a livestream, it is only for that livestream. This is not the same as being blocked by another user. You will see that you have been blocked if another user has blocked you by checking their profile. 

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