How to Create Video Listings [Beta Mode]  How to Create Video Listings [Beta Mode]

How to Create Video Listings [Beta Mode]

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Note - this feature is currently in beta. Beta features are subject to changes and may experience periods of downtime as we refine them. We'll keep you updated on further developments and aim to make the feature available to all sellers soon.

With new video listings, you can bring some of the excitement from your shows into your listings – even when you’re not going live! These listings function similarly to the listings you’re used to creating on Whatnot, but when users view your listing, they’ll first see a short video. Video listings are a great way to showcase your products to the Whatnot community and give buyers more confidence in their purchase. 

How to make a video listing:

Currently, video listings can only be created on the Whatnot mobile app on iOS (Android coming soon). To get started…

  1. Tap the “+” button icon the bottom of the Home screen
  2. Tap “List an Item”
  3. Select “Add Photos / Video” in the Media section of the product creation flow
    Add photo mobile 3:24.PNG
  4. You can choose to either take photos, record a video, or upload a photo or video from your mobile library. In this example, we’re going to select “Record Video”
    Record Video mobile 3:24.PNG
  5. Tap the red bottom in the bottom center to start filming – you can film up to 30 seconds of video. Note - audio will be recorded
  6. Select “Add Video” button on right when you’re satisfied with the video (if not, you can always hit “Retake”)
    Add video .PNG
  7. Add at least 1 photo. You can take the photo from the camera directly or add from your mobile library
    Add Photo .PNG
  8. Continue filling out the rest of the product creation flow like you normally would! Note - a video listing can be an auction or a BIN. 
  9. Hit “Publish” to make your listing available on your profile shop!


  1. What type of items can I sell with video listings?
    1. You can create a BIN or an auction video listing for any items you would normally sell on Whatnot! Please refer to our guidelines for a list of prohibited items.
  2. What will potential buyers see when they view my video listing?
    1. Navigate to your profile Shop and find your video listing. When you tap on the tile, you’ll see the same full-screen experience that other users will see when they open your listing. In feed, users will see the video listing play automatically. 
  3. Where can users see other listing details (e.g., description, attributes)?
    1. Tap on the bottom of the full screen experience to view the listing details page.
      More info.PNG  IMG_4881.PNG
  4. How can I edit a video listing?
    1. Tap the “edit” button on the listing tile on your profile shop. From there, you can delete the video associated with your listing and replace it with another video if you choose.
  5. How can I change the thumbnail image on my video listing?
    1. The thumbnail image will always be the first image you upload. If you would like to change your thumbnail image to a different image, we recommend editing your listing to delete the current images, and upload them again so that the first image is the one you want for your thumbnail.
  6. Can users view my video listing on their desktop or laptop? (i.e., web) 
    1. Currently, video listings are only viewable on the mobile app (iOS today, Android coming soon).
  7. Can I view and edit the video on my listing from the Seller Hub?
    1. Not yet, but this is coming!
  8. Can I sell a product that has a video listing in my live show? How?
    1. Yes. To add a product with video to your live show, first create that product using the above flow. Once your product has been created, you can either:
      1. Locate that product on your profile, tap “Edit” and “Assign to Show”, or
      2. From the live store of a show, tap the “+” button and then “From Shop” in top right corner; find your video listing from this view and add to show
    2. Note – users will not see the full screen, video view of this listing from your live store while you’re going live. They will just see the listing details page with images of your product.
  9. Will my video listing always record audio, and will users be able to hear that audio?
    1. If you record a video from Whatnot’s media capture flow, that video will save audio as well. In most cases, if a user has audio turned on on their mobile device or desktop, then they should be able to hear the audio of your video.
  10. What do the icons on the right side of my video listing mean?
    1. The left icon represents the number of users who have saved (bookmarked) your listing, and the right icon represents number of times your listing has been shared.

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