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Luxury Goods - Best Practices

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We strive to create a great buying experience on Whatnot. Therefore, it’s important our luxury sellers follow the best practices below. First, always verify the authenticity of your items to prevent counterfeit goods from being sold. Second, be sure to share any flaws or defects in your products. This way, buyers have a clear understanding of what they'll receive, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction for everyone involved. 

Always follow our community guidelines


Selling counterfeit goods on Whatnot is strictly prohibited. 

  • Do not sell anything that infringes on copyright / trademarks, has unauthorized use of logos, “inspired” goods, etc. 
  • Sellers should be 100% sure of the authenticity of an item before selling it on the platform
  • We recommend using a third party authenticator like Entrupy or Real Authentication 
  • If you see anything on the platform that is suspected counterfeit, please report it in-app. 
  • Buyers are protected by a 100% money-back authenticity guarantee on Whatnot. 
  • Selling counterfeit goods can lead to penalties including being charged back, suspended, or banned from Whatnot. 

Misrepresented Condition - Luxury Handbags & Accessories

Sellers must call out any material flaws in the item’s condition. 

  • It is advised to both call out the damage verbally and show it on camera whenever possible. 
  • Sellers may use a consistent grading system to describe the item’s overall condition, such as “Fair”/”Good”/”Excellent” or “7.5/10”, but they must still call out any specific material flaws of the item. 
  • If an item is being sold in the Marketplace, the description and images of the item should capture any material flaws.  

Common examples of damage in luxury handbags and accessories include, but are not limited to:  

  • Corners: Disclose any wear or knicks 
  • Hardware: Disclose any tarnishing, scratching, or mechanical issues, i.e., snap doesn’t close 
  • Edges/Handles: Disclose any cracking
  • Interiors: Disclose any wear and tear in pockets/linings
  • Coloring: Disclose any discoloration and call out the color (ring lighting can distort the color)
  • Repairs: Disclose any restoration / repair work (i.e., painting/dye, hardware changed out), whether done by the original manufacturer or a third party 
  • Odors: Disclose any odors
  • Scratches / Dents: Disclose any scratches or dents on the body of the item

Selling goods in misrepresented condition can lead to penalties for sellers, including being charged back for the items or suspension or ban from Whatnot. 

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