Importing Your Poshmark Listings Importing Your Poshmark Listings

Importing Your Poshmark Listings

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Importing listings from Poshmark will also import all information associated with your listings, including:

  • Listing name
  • Item pictures
  • Quantity
  • Category
  • Item weight
  • Price
  • Size
  • Gender
  • Condition

If an item is currently live on your storefront from a previous import and you attempt to import it again, it will not be imported to prevent duplicates.

Important notes: 

  • You can only import Poshmark listings using the web browser. 
  • Whatnot is not affiliated with Poshmark, and this import tool is not sponsored by Poshmark.

Importing Poshmark Listings

  1. Go to
    1. Click "Create Listing"
    2. Click "Bulk Import"
  2. Under Poshmark Import, paste your Poshmark username or URL to begin importing all items from your Poshmark account. 
  3. Once the import is complete, you may have some listings marked as incomplete. Click Show incomplete items to see which listings require updating.
    Additionally, we recommend verifying all listings to ensure the info was imported correctly.
  4. Update your listing info as needed:
    • Click Category and choose a Whatnot category that best suits your listing. 
    • Click Est. Weight and choose a shipping profile that best fits the item. 
    • Click on the listing to remove it entirely from the import list.
  5. Once you’ve updated any incomplete listings, you’ll return to the full import list. All listings are checked by default. To remove listings from the import list:
    • Click on any listing to remove them from the import list.
    • Click Select none to uncheck all listings. Then select any listing you want to import. 
  6. Click Import X items at the bottom of your screen. 

Importing your listings may take a moment, but you’ll receive a browser notification once the items are successfully imported. 

Imported items are immediately listed on your profile shop. 

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