Adding and Scanning Graded Items to Sell in a Livestream or Profile Shop Adding and Scanning Graded Items to Sell in a Livestream or Profile Shop

Adding and Scanning Graded Items to Sell in a Livestream or Profile Shop

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This article discusses how to add and scan graded items to your livestream listings or profile shop. 

If you have graded items you want to sell during your livestream or in your profile shop, you can upload photos of the item (with the item grade barcode clearly visible) to automatically populate information on your graded item in the listing details. 

Uploading a qualifying graded item can populate the following listing info:

  • Category
  • Title
  • Description
  • Attributes
  • Shipping Profile

The card-scanning feature works with the following grading services and card types:

  • PSA
    • Sports
    • Pokemon
  • CGC 
    • TCG
    • Comics
  • PCGS and NGC
    • Coins

Note: This feature is only available on the mobile app (iOS or Android). 

Scanning Graded Items 

To add and scan your graded items:

  1. Open the Whatnot app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to your livestream and add a new listing or add a listing to your profile shop:
    • To add a listing to your livestream shop:
      1. Go to your scheduled livestream.
      2. Tap the + (plus) button at the far right.

    • To add a listing to your profile shop:
      1. Tap the plus button in the top right-hand corner.

      2. Tap Create a listing.
  3. Tap Upload Photos and take pictures of your graded item (front and back, with the item grading barcode clearly visible).

    If the graded slab is uploaded successfully, a banner will appear at the top of your screen with the text “Scanned” followed by the card grading info.

  4. Configure the following settings for your graded item.
    Note: If you scanned your graded item, the app will populate as much of the listing info as possible.
    • Category: The card’s category (e.g., Trading Card Game, Pokemon, Sports, etc.). 
    • Title: Item name. This can include the name of the item, the item’s published year, and the grade number.
    • Description: Description of the item.
    • Condition: Click into the field and choose the condition of your item. Visit the Item Condition Guidelines to learn how to identify the condition of your item. 
    • Name: Official name of the item. 
    • Year (TCG, Coins) or Publication Year (comics): The year the item was first released. 
    • Graded: Toggle this on to indicate the item was graded. 
    • Grading Service (cards), Grading Company (comic books), or Certification (coins): The company that graded your item.
    • Grade: The grade number given to the item. 
    • Cert or Certification Number: Unique number associated with the grading (the number you can find next to the grade barcode).
  5. Configure the following settings specific to either graded cards, comic book listings, or coins: 
    • For graded cards:
      • Brand: Corresponds to a card’s set. For example: Pokemon cards could come from the base set, jungle set, etc.
      • Variety: The variant of your items. For example: Pokemon card variants are holographic, standard print, etc. 
      • Card Number: The collector card number. For example: 073/070. 
    • For graded comic books:
      • Series: The name of the comic book series. 
      • Issue Number: The number of that comic book within the series. 
      • Artist: The comic book’s artist(s). 
      • Character: Character(s) featured in the comic book. 
      • Publisher: Company that published the comic book. 
      • Genre: The comic book genre. 
      • Features: The variant of the comic book. For example: Key Issue, First Appearance, etc. 
    • For graded coins:
      • Product Type: the specific type of coin e.g. bullion, ancient, etc.
      • Composition: the underlying precious metal
      • Precious Metal Weight: weight of the underlying precious metal
      • Fineness: purity of the precious metal
      • Mint Mark: identifying feature on the coin representing where it was minted
      • Strike Type: any special finish / strike on the coin e.g. proof
  6. Tap Next
  7. For livestream listings, choose where you want to list your graded item (Buy it Now, Auction, or Giveaway). 
  8. Configure the following settings:
    • Price or Starting Bid: The price you want to sell your item at (for Buy it Now items) or the starting price of the bid (for Auction items).
    • Quantity: The total number of inventory you want to sell for that item. 
    • Unit Shipping Weight: Choose the approximate weight of your item. 
    • Mystery Item or Pull Game?: For livestream listings only. Turn this on if the item is a mystery or part of a pull game.
  9. Tap Publish.
  10. Tap Finish or Add Another

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