Choosing Quantities when adding a New Listing Choosing Quantities when adding a New Listing

Choosing Quantities when adding a New Listing

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This article provides an overview of what quantities are and how to utilize this feature when adding a new listing to a livestream.


What are Quantities?

Choosing a quantity when adding a new listing allows sellers to create multiple listings of the same item without the need to add each item individually. This feature can save sellers a lot of time who intend to add several of the same listings. 

When choosing a quantity, be sure to choose the correct quantity. When you choose a quantity above 1, your listing will post once in your store, denoted with the quantity available (e.g. "5 available"). When listings are pinned to the livestream, buyers can buy multiple units at a time. Don’t worry — you can still choose to have the quantities populated as individual numbered listings (example: “Mystery Box #1, Mystery Box #2, etc.).


Choosing a Quantity

  1. Open the Whatnot app on your mobile device.
  2. Click the Profile icon on the bottom right of the homepage.
  3. Locate and select the show that you would like to add a listing to.
  4. Once inside the show, tap the Plus (+) icon on the right hand side.
  5. Select the Listing Type (Auction, But It Now or Giveaway).
  6. Choose a product Category
  7. Add a Name, Description and choose a Quantity.
  8. Choose if you would like to List these products individually (see more details below).

For additional steps on adding a new listing, see Adding a new Listing to a Livestream

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Listing an item individually with Quantities

Opting to list each item individually when choosing a quantity will allow the listing to be added multiple times, each with a corresponding number that ascends with each listing. Leaving this feature off will just post one listing that displays to the buyer how many listings are available for that item. This setting is great for mystery boxes and similar listings of this nature.

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