Sharing your computer screen during a livestream Sharing your computer screen during a livestream

Sharing your computer screen during a livestream

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This article will outline how a host can share their computer screen while they are livestreaming. Sharing your computer screen has several uses, such as displaying a video or a game from the web during your live.


Share your Screen

  1. Start the livestream on your mobile device.
  2. Go to on your web browser.
  3. Click the Profile icon on the top right of the Whatnot homepage.
  4. Select My Livestreams.
  5. For the livestream that is currently playing, click Start Sharing
  6. Select the entire screen, window, or tab that you would like to share. 
  7. Click Share to confirm. 


Important notes:

If you would like to share the audio while sharing a Chrome tab, be sure to check the box on the bottom left that says Share system audio. This can only be done while sharing a browser tab, not a window or your entire screen.

If you play audio, be sure to turn down the volume on your phone so audio does not play loudly out of it and echo through your phone’s microphone. To control the volume of the sound output, you can use the volume slider on whatever app you are playing audio out of (YouTube, Spotify, etc.), not your computer’s volume slider.


While you are sharing your screen, within your live on the mobile app, you can select the double arrow symbol on the right hand side of your live stream to swap screens between the top and bottom of your live.



Stop Sharing your Screen

  1. To stop sharing your screen, simply click the Stop Sharing button from your My Livestreams page on the web at and your screen sharing session will end. Your livestream will still remain active.
  2. Confirm your selection at the top of the webpage.


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