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Whatnot Food & Drink Policy

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Whatnot limits the sale of certain food & drink items to keep our community healthy and safe

The following food and drink items are not permitted on Whatnot: 

  • Alcohol 
  • Food products that are or may be unsafe, contaminated or easily-contaminated, including: 
    • raw meat, seafood, and fish (including sushi) 
    • unpasteurized juice or dairy products (except unpasteurized cheese that complies with applicable regulations) 
    • ackee fruit or seeds
    • wild mushrooms 
  • Expired or recalled food products.  
  • Consumable products containing any amount of THC or other illegal substances. 

When selling food on Whatnot, you must also follow the below requirements: 

  • Preparing, labeling, and packaging: Ensure you follow all applicable laws and rules relating to preparing, labeling, and packaging food and drink items.  
  • Delivery, expiry, and condition: Ensure items are delivered prior to their expiration date and will arrive in substantially the same condition as described when sold. If you are shipping items, ensure you comply with any applicable shipping terms. 
  • Homemade food and drink:The sale of homemade food and drink items, just like all items sold on Whatnot, must comply with applicable government regulations, including any regulations around certification and/or licensing, ingredients, common allergens, and storage. 
  • Applicable laws and regulations: Sellers are responsible for complying and staying up to date with all laws and regulations applicable to their jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of their buyers.  These may include, in addition to those mentioned above, laws and regulation related to the sale, import, and/or export of food and drink items.  For specific guidance, we recommend speaking with a qualified professional.  For general reference, we have linked to a few jurisdiction-specific resources which you may find helpful: 


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