What is Whatbot?

Whatbot is Whatnot’s virtual assistant designed to answer certain questions, and offer solutions to common issues or inquiries. Whatbot has built knowledge from a wide variety of helpful information sources such as our help site (help.whatnot.com). 

What can Whatbot do?

Provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and assist with troubleshooting common problems. Right now, it's specifically tuned for seller-side issues, but we’re working on buyer-side support. It can also guide users through some of our customer processes or workflows.

If a user needs more help, they can create support tickets, speak to live support agents and get follow ups via email. Whatbot can also make mistakes - consider checking important information on our policy pages at help.whatnot.com and our terms of service.

How accurate is Whatbot?

Whatbot's accuracy depends on various factors such as the quality of its training data, the complexity of the queries it's designed to handle, and the effectiveness of its algorithms. While chat bots in general can provide accurate responses to many inquiries, they may occasionally make mistakes or misunderstand certain questions. Consider checking important information on our policy pages on help.whatnot.com.

Is the information I share protected when interacting with Whatbot?

Whatbot is designed with privacy and security in mind. The bot is programmed to handle user data confidentially and adhere to data protection regulations. 

How can I provide feedback or report issues with Whatbot?

Whatbot enables you to provide feedback or report issues directly within the chat interface by asking you if it has resolved your inquiry and providing a satisfaction rating with an optional field to type in more detailed feedback. If you would like to report abuse or other issues that have occurred on Whatnot, please report directly in-app

Is Whatbot available in multiple languages? 

We are working to make this available for languages in all of our markets. At time of writing, Whatbot can answer questions in U.S. English.  

Note: Whatbot is an automated assistant and not a live chat. Whatbot does not have the authority to make any commitments on behalf of Whatnot.

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