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Whatnot Knives Policy

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Whatnot Knives Policy 

Whatnot limits the types of knives that can be sold, as well as where they can be sold.

  • Knife sales are only permitted in the US and Canada. Additionally, sellers are responsible for ensuring that their sales are lawful in the buyer's place of residence, as well as in their own.
  • The following types of knives cannot be sold on Whatnot:
    • Mechanical release knives, such as switch blades, or automatic blades
    • Hidden/disguised knives such as belt buckles knives
    • Ejectable or propellable blades such as ballistic knives
    • Centrifugal force-opened knives such as gravity, butterfly, or ballisong knives
  • When displaying and selling knives, we expect you to be safe and responsible in how you demonstrate their use.

For more information or any questions, please reach out to trustandsafety@whatnot.com.

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