Using Two Devices While Live Using Two Devices While Live

Using Two Devices While Live

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This article outlines how to use two phones while you're live, one as a controller and one as a camera. In general, the device that you use the start your livestream is the device that will act as a camera. Your second device can then be used as the controller.

Using Two Phones

  1. Open Whatnot on the device you wish to use as the camera
  2. Navigate to your profile and open your scheduled stream
  3. Hit Start Show - your livestream will start using this device as a camera
  4. On your second device, open Whatnot and navigate to your profile 
  5. Click on the livestream that you are currently running to open it
  6. Once you open the stream on your second device, you can now control the stream separately from the device being used as the camera

Note: you can use a desktop as your second device by following the same steps. Simply start the stream on your mobile device to use as a camera, and then open your stream from your Seller Hub on to use your desktop as the controller.


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