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Clipping a Livestream

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You can clip the previous 60 seconds of any Whatnot livestream, then share, trim, and publish that clip. 

Publishing a clip will display that clip on both the seller’s and clipper’s profiles. To learn more about viewing and managing livestream clips on your profile, visit this article.

Note: Creating, trimming, and publishing clips are only available on the iOS and Android mobile app, but you can view all clips on the web browser or mobile app. 

Creating a clip during a livestream

Anyone can clip a livestream on Whatnot, including the seller in their stream.  

  1. Open the Whatnot app on your mobile device. 
  2. Find and open a livestream.
  3. Tap the Clip button on the right-hand side of the livestream.
    Clip 5:22.PNG
  4. Wait for your clip to finish generating, then choose what you’d like to do with that clip:
    • Trim & Publish: Trim your clip as needed and publish it so anyone at Whatnot can view that clip. 
    • Copy Link: Copy the clip URL so you can post or share it with anyone. 
    • Share Clip: Choose how you want to share your clip through your mobile device’s sharing options.

      Note: If you choose not to publish your clip, only you and those you share this clip with can view it. 

Trimming and publishing a livestream clip

You can return to an unpublished clip at any time to trim and publish 

  1. On your iOS device, create a new livestream clip or open an unpublished clip. 
  2. Tap Edit.
    Clip edit .PNG
  3. To trim your clip, tap and hold on the left- or right-pointing arrow and resize the yellow box to the clip segment you want to publish.
    Note: Your clip must be at least 20 seconds long.
  4. Add a name to your clip in the Name your Clip field. 
  5. Tap Save.
    Clip save.PNG
  6. Choose View my clip or Back to Live to close out of the clip editor. 

Once a clip is published, you can view that clip on your profile page. And, if that clip is of another streamer, it will also appear on their profile. 


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