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We do everything we can to protect sellers and ensure you’re paid for each sale. We hold the money for every sale until your item is authenticated, or 48-72 hours after a buyer receives it. Sellers are not responsible for chargebacks.

You will be paid for a sale unless the following is true:

  • The incorrect item is sent
  • The item was counterfeit in some way (entire item, or a sticker)
  • The item was clearly sent with damage that was not present in listing photos or clearly showed in a Livestream
  • Your item was damaged in shipping due to improper packaging (if you follow our packing guidelines, you’ll never be responsible for shipping damage)
  • The item was not scanned by the delivery company.

In the case of a dispute, Whatnot will investigate with relevant submitted information from both buyer and seller. Whatnot will make a balanced decision based on which party was properly following guidelines. 

Please click here to contact our Seller Support team for any questions! 


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