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Whatnot Cosmetics Policy

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We want Whatnot to be a trusted and fun place to buy and sell cosmetics. To ensure the safety of the Whatnot community, and the quality of cosmetics sold, we have specific requirements when selling these items.

For clarity, “cosmetics” include makeup, skincare (moisturizers, lotions, serums, primers, sunscreen, masks, toners, ampoules, etc.) fragrances, nail polish, shampoos and conditioners, and deodorant.

Not permitted: The following types of cosmetics and tools are not permitted to be sold or given away on Whatnot:

  • Used cosmetics or tools: Used cosmetics, or any used sponges, applicators, or brushes.
  • Cosmetics outside of original container, or resealed: Cosmetics may not be sold outside of their original container, and the container’s seal (internal or external seal) must not be broken or resealed. Cosmetics may be sold outside of their original box, provided the cosmetic remains in its original container, with seal intact. Damage to the outer box is permitted, provided the original container is intact.
  • Expired cosmetics: Cosmetics must be sold before their expiry date, which includes before the manufacturer’s shelf life expires. Sellers are responsible for ensuring their items are not expired or beyond their shelf life.
  • Opened cosmetics: Opened products, unless opened live while demonstrating the product. Cosmetics must not be swatched or otherwise used.

What this means for sellers: If Whatnot determines that a seller has sold expired, used, or opened cosmetics products, the seller’s account will be actioned, and the seller will be billed back for the total cost to refund the buyer for these items, including order value, tax, and shipping.

Additional requirements:

  • The sale of homemade cosmetics, just like all items sold on Whatnot, must comply with applicable government regulations.
  • Remember to always follow applicable shipping carrier requirements. For example, if using USPS, fragrances and nail polish must be added as a "Fragrance" listing to be shipped using Ground Advantage method

Best practices: As best practice, cosmetics listing should include the following:

  • The brand name, product name and shade (if applicable)
  • The condition of the product in the listing or show (e.g. New With Box, New Without Box)
  • Clear images of the product
  • The expiration date if it is available on the product. If the individual product does not have an expiration date, include in the listing that the item does not have an expiration date on the packaging.


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