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Whatnot Cosmetics Policy

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Whatnot limits the sale of cosmetics based on item-type and condition. 

The following types of cosmetics and tools are prohibited (cosmetics includes products such as makeup, moisturizers and lotions, fragrances, nail polish, shampoos and conditioners, and deodorant):

  • Used cosmetics, sponges, applicators, or brushes
  • Expired products
  • Cosmetics outside of their original container, or resealed
  • Opened products, unless opened live while demonstrating the product. Cosmetics cannot be swatched or otherwise used. 

Additional limitations:

  • The sale of homemade cosmetics, just like all items sold on Whatnot, must comply with applicable government regulations.
  • Fragrances and nail polish must be added as a "Fragrance" listing to be shipped using Ground Advantage method

As best practice, cosmetics listing should include:

  • The brand name, product name and shade (if applicable)
  • The condition of the product in the Title or Description (e.g. New With Box, New Without Box)
  • Clear images of the product
  • The expiration date if it is available on the product. If the individual product does not have an expiration date, include in the listing that the item does not have an expiration date on the packaging.

If you have any questions, reach out to sellersupport@whatnot.com.

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