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Multicasting on Whatnot

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What is Multicasting?

With this new feature, sellers can expand their reach and increase engagement on their live streams by broadcasting to multiple platforms simultaneously. When going live on Whatnot from an iOS device or desktop, enabling Multicast will send the stream directly to Youtube Live, Facebook Live, or Twitch. (Note: Android streams are currently not supported). 

How do I connect my accounts with Whatnot?

When you have access to this new feature, you will see a new in-app experience to connect your accounts to your Whatnot account. Each supported platform (Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch) has a different connection experience.

In the current version: 

  • Youtube will allow you to log-in & connect your account directly. 
  • Facebook will request a stream key.
  • Twitch will request a stream key.

What is a stream key? 

A stream key is a special code that allows us to communicate with a streaming platform and send your video content to be live streamed. Each streaming platform has its own unique stream key, so in order to link Whatnot with your preferred platform, you need to find this key in your account settings. It’s best practice to never share your stream key with anyone else. Doing so could compromise your channel.

Whatnot Multicasting Best Practices

  • We recommend using an iPhone to manage your Whatnot stream and a secondary laptop / desktop device to read / interact with comments on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch. 
    • Whatnot Multicasting currently does not have chat aggregation. We recommend using multiple devices currently to be able to engage with any watchers on other platforms and encourage them to join your Whatnot shows.
  • We recommend muting audio across these other tabs to limit echo and sound interference.
  • We recommend engaging with your viewers from these other platforms by answering any questions, shouting out their username, and encouraging them to join your Whatnot show to transact. 
  • While using Whatnot multicast, please recognize that you are responsible for monitoring your music usage and understanding third-party platform policies, as they may differ between platforms and may impact your account.


Multicasting to Youtube Live 

  1. Whatnot supports Youtube multicasting by logging into your Youtube account.

  2. Within the Whatnot app, schedule your show. When you are about to start your show, you will see the following modal after clicking “Start Show”

  3. Select “Multicast to other platforms”


  1. Select “Link account” for Youtube, which will open up the log-in flow from Google to connect your account. Complete the log-in requirements from Google. 



  1. Once your Youtube account is connected, it will display as “Active” within Whatnot. 

  1. When selecting “Go Live” on the “Do you want to start this livestream?” screen, you will start your show and start streaming to any platform that’s labeled as “Active”

  2. Selecting the arrow next to active allows you to toggle each platform on or off, depending on your choice.

  3. We automatically add the links to your profile and referral link within the Youtube Live description to make it easier for Youtube viewers to join your stream. In order to have link access within Youtube, please review Youtube guidelines here.

Multicasting to Facebook Live

To start Multicasting on Facebook Live, you must gather your stream key from Facebook, copy it into Whatnot, and start your Whatnot stream: 

  1. Go to on desktop/laptop to create your Facebook Live.

  1. Select where you would like to post your Live Streams. Options are “Post on Timeline, Post to Page, or Post to Group”.

  1. Select “Go Live”

  1. This opens up the “Create live video” page. 

  1. On this page, click “Streaming Software” from the Select a video source section.

  1. Your stream key is found underneath the “Streaming Software setup” section. 

  1. Click on Advanced Settings, which opens up a new menu. From this menu, toggle ON Persistent stream key under Advanced Settings. If this isn't selected, you won't be able to use this stream key again after the stream ends.

  1. Write a description and title for your live stream from the Add post details section. Note: it’s helpful to include your referral link in this description to make it easier for your viewers to join your show on Whatnot.



  1. At this point, you should copy your stream key and paste it into your Whatnot app. Select Multicast to other platforms, and select Facebook Live.

    Within this connect menu, copy and paste your stream key. 

  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Facebook live producer page at is open before you go live on Whatnot
  2. Start your show on Whatnot. Once you start your Whatnot show, you will see the preview appear within the Facebook Live dashboard.

  3. Click Go Live Now after you confirm the video is flowing correctly from Whatnot. 


Multicasting to Twitch

To get your Twitch stream key: 


  1. You must enable 2-Factor Authentication before you can access your Stream Key. Enable 2FA at underneath Security & Privacy.

  1. Retrieve your stream key from the Creator Dashboard (Settings icon -> Stream). At the top of the page, you’ll see your Primary Stream Key.

  2. Confirm that your account has low latency selected. 

  1. At this point, you should copy your stream key and paste it into your Whatnot app. Select Multicast to other platforms, and select Twitch.

    Within this connect menu, input your stream key.



Viewer Experience 

  • Viewers who are watching on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch will see your iPhone stream with an rotating ticker overlay on top that includes your username

  • When you perform a giveaway on Whatnot, the overlay will change to include a QR code to encourage viewers to come to your stream


  • Viewers who are watching your stream on Whatnot will see no changes 

Managing your Multicast

  • When you are live with a multicast, a pill on the top left of your screen shows your active platforms 



  • Tapping on this pill opens up the multicast control panel which allows you to toggle different platforms on or off



  • When changes are made to the multicast menu, the seller can confirm updates by selecting “Apply



  • These settings and controls are also available within Live Options or Seller Tools underneath the “Multicast” option 


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