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Hazardous Materials Policy

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Shipping Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are substances that pose potential harm to people, the environment, or property if improperly handled. To safely get your items delivered, sellers must follow all applicable laws, postal carrier regulations, and Whatnot policies around selling and shipping potentially hazardous materials.  

Some hazardous materials are prohibited from being sold on Whatnot. 

Some hazardous materials require special shipping. 

Note: The standards below are for shipping within the United States. Please consult relevant postal carrier’s policies on shipping restricted mail for shipping to and from outside the US.

The USPS limits the shipping of hazardous materials like lithium batteries, electronics, fragrances, and nail polish. You will be able to specify whether an item falls into one of these categories when creating a listing. Learn more about USPS restrictions and access their full list of hazardous materials. 

When shipping these items on Whatnot, they must be shipped via USPS Ground Advantage. Please check USPS requirements for any additional per-item shipping requirements.

Some hazardous materials require special packaging labels. 

Specific labels or markings may be required when shipping hazardous materials. Learn more about what type of markings are required for which type of materials. These labels are required in addition to the shipping labels provided by Whatnot. 

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