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Direct Service for Buyers

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Please note this feature is currently in beta and only available from specific sellers. 

Direct Service Overview

Direct Service enables sellers to handle specific request types from buyers who are having an issue with their order. When buyers submit requests through the app, the request will be sent directly to the seller, who will respond to the request from the Seller Hub. 

This update will offer several improvements:

  • Efficiency: Streamlined issue resolution directly between buyers and sellers 
  • Trackability: Improved trackability of request status for orders directly in the app and from the Seller Hub
  • Better outcomes: sellers have additional resolution options available to make things right, such as sending replacement items

Whatnot is committed to ensuring a trustworthy buying experience for everyone. Whatnot Support will still be available to help when buyers and sellers cannot come to a resolution for an issue. 

How Direct Service Works

  1. Request Submission: When there’s an issue with an order, buyers should submit a request in the app from the order that has an issue. 
  2. Seller Response: Sellers have 72 hours to respond to the request and approve the refund: with or without a return, offer a partial refund, or reject the request
  3. Returns: If the seller approves a refund contingent on return of the item, buyers have 7 days from request approval to ship their return. Once the return is delivered, sellers have 72 hours to confirm or dispute the returned items. 
  4. Refunds: Buyer refunds are processed automatically once the request is approved or a return is confirmed. Buyers will see their refund back reflected on the original form of payment within 3-5 business days.
  5. Whatnot Support: If buyers and sellers are unable to reach a resolution, Whatnot is available to step in and help. 

Please note that the partial refund flow is not shown above. Sellers can offer partial refunds to buyers, and if the buyer declines the partial refund offer, the buyer will have the option to return the item for a full refund.

Whatnot Buyer Protection Coverage

The primary change for Direct Service is that when buyers request help with an order, the request is sent to the seller to resolve the issue for the following  types of refund requests:

  • The item is substantially delayed in getting shipped 
  • An item is missing** 
  • An item is incorrect or the item is correct but the wrong size/color**
  • The item does not match the description, condition, or photos listed
  • The item is defective, doesn’t work, or expired

These issues are covered by Whatnot’s Buyer protection policy, which sellers are required to honor in handling buyer requests. Sellers will not be required to honor refunds/returns for buyer’s remorse or other reasons not covered; honoring refunds/returns for buyer’s remorse is solely up to seller discretion.

**Excludes consumable products like breaks/mystery/pull games and any product that can be opened (e.g., beauty and cosmetics). Missing and wrong item requests from purchases of consumable products will be sent to Whatnot Support, in addition to order issues not listed above

Buyer FAQ

How do I submit a refund request?

You can follow the existing in-app “Get help with this purchase” flow from the order you need help with. Navigate to Activity > Purchases > tap the purchase you need help with > tap ‘Get Help with this Purchase’. 

Please note that these requests must be submitted within our Refund Request Time Frames to be eligible for a refund. It is up to seller discretion to accept requests submitted outside of these time frames. 

The refund request feature is currently only available in the Whatnot app on Android and iOS.

What happens if a seller doesn’t respond to my request?

If the seller does not respond to your refund request within 72 hours, the request will automatically be escalated to Whatnot Support to review if your request is covered by our Buyer Protection Policy

When Whatnot handles a request, Whatnot may require the item(s) returned to the seller or Whatnot to receive your refund.

My refund request is covered by policy but the seller rejected it - what can I do?

If the seller rejects your refund request, you will have 72 hours to escalate the request to Whatnot Support to take a second look. To ask Whatnot to review a request rejected by the seller, navigate to the order, tap ‘Get Help with this Purchase,’ and add any additional information needed to submit the request to Whatnot

When Whatnot handles a request, Whatnot may require the item(s) returned to the seller or Whatnot to receive your refund.

How can I check the status of my Refund Request?

The status of your refund request is located on the order details in the app. In the app, navigate to Activity > Purchases and then find and tap the order in question. You can also navigate to your Purchases and tap the ‘Refunds’ filter to see the status of all purchases where you have requested a refund. 

How do I return my item(s)? 

  • If your refund request is approved and requires a return, please drop off your return within 7 days of the return getting approved. If you do not drop off your return within 7 days, unfortunately,  your request will be canceled and no further requests will be considered for that order.
  • You will receive your return label via email, and you can access the return label from the order details page within the app. 
  • When a return is required, your returned item must be delivered back to the seller or Whatnot in the exact condition you originally received it for a refund to be issued.  
  • Please review our packaging guidelines for packaging tips to ensure your item is not damaged in transit.
  • Failure to complete your return correctly as outlined above may result in your request getting canceled and your order(s) becoming ineligible for future requests.

When will I receive my refund?

Once your refund has been processed, you should see that reflected on your original form of payment within 3-5 business days.

Refunds will be processed at the following times:

  • Full refund without return: Refund requests that do not require returns will be processed on the same day that the refund request is accepted by the seller
  • Full refund with return: If a return is required, your refund will be processed when the seller verifies your returned item(s) or 72 hours after your return is delivered, whichever comes first. 
  • Partial refund offer: the refund will be processed when you accept the partial refund offer from the seller

In some cases, refunds on returned items to Whatnot can take a little longer to process due to high warehouse volumes. Please click here to check the tracking status of your returned package using the tracking number on the return label you received via email 

  • If you have not received your refund within 7 business days of the item being delivered back to us, please use the app to find the order your refund request is associated with and submit a new request, so our Support team can assist you.

Buyers that exhibit indications of refund fraud may be refused refunds or have action taken against their account.  

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