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Whatnot Randomizer FAQ

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We have built an integrated randomizer designed to help streamline your breaks and provide an elevated experience for your viewers! 

Important things to know:

  • As of now, Livestream Tools are only available on iOS devices and PCs at this time.
    • For more detail on how to do this, please reference our OBS guide
  • Please be aware of our Mystery & Gambling policy to ensure your use of the randomizer is compliant
  • When a team is selected through the Randomizer, it is automatically attached to the buyer's order. This means that the association between username and team will make its way to the packing slips, so you don't need to use a spreadsheet/paper to keep track of who has which team anymore!
  • This feature is in beta, expect it to improve over the next few weeks! Please provide feedback in the #feedback-general channel within our Seller Discord.

For more information, please follow the steps in this instructional video:

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