Using Stories in the Whatnot App Using Stories in the Whatnot App

Using Stories in the Whatnot App

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* Note: This feature is only available for Live Sellers

Stories is a new feature we are launching to:

  • Give you a way to interact with your community and promote your livestreams while you are not live
  • List and sell your inventory while you are offline.

How does the feature work?

  • Stories are videos posted for 24 hours. Users will be able to see your story on their home feeds (if they follow you) and on your profile.
  • You can create custom listings for items that are not available in our marketplace to be sold in Stories. These custom listings will be available in your user profile as well. They will continue to exist even after your story expires.
  • You can sell any marketplace listings you have on Whatnot in a Story. Marketplace listings are separate from the products you put in livestreams. 
  • When creating a story, you can choose an existing marketplace listing to add, or create a new custom listing.
  • You can have the same listing in multiple stories.
  • You can update the listings attached to your story, remove a listing, or delete a story if you choose after its posted during the time that its active. Go to your story, then click the bottom right dot menu to see the options!
  • Be aware that this feature is currently in Beta. Please report any issues you see to

How to create a Story

1. Click the + button in the top right corner on Home screen or Profile screen.

Home.jpg Profile.jpg


2. Click on “Create a Story”


3. Record a video. Videos must be at least 5 seconds long. If you choose a photo it will be posted for 10 seconds

4. [Optional] Add a product for sale. You can choose an existing listing or click the + button in the bottom right to create a new one.


Note: If you create a new one you can take photos of the item you are selling. Front/back photos are required. You should take photos of any special conditions like dents/damage so buyers can get a good sense of the item condition.

5. Click Post Story and your followers will see your story in their Homefeeds!

How to view/purchase from Stories

  • Your followers will see your Story in their Homefeed when they open the app by tapping your icon.


  • Listings can be purchased directly through your Story, or from your Profile in the app.



Shipping labels for stories are handled in the same way they are for Marketplace. Once your item sells from a story, a confirmation email will be sent that includes the shipping label to ship the item. You can view the details of your sale from the orders section of your seller tab within our mobile app, not the Seller Hub on web.


Sellers will still be paid within 48-72 hours of an order being delivered to the buyer for items sold through Stories. If you are an Early Payout seller you will be paid immediately when you receive the confirmation email containing the label. 


If you experience any issues or have any questions about stories, please click here to contact our Seller Support team.

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