Protecting Your Orders  Protecting Your Orders 

Protecting Your Orders 

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For any package that has a purchase price or contents totaling $1,000 or more, you should request an insured label by writing into support or generating a label with signature confirmation from the Seller Hub. After a grace period, you will be charged $3.25 for these labels. Doing so will help ensure your items safely land with buyers and protect you if a buyer reports an item not delivered.

Shipping confirmation:

Note: Shipping confirmation is not currently available for users outside the United States

     For Sellers:

 You can select signature confirmation via your Seller Hub. You'll be able to choose "require signature on delivery" when you edit individual labels.




For Buyers:

You will receive an email notification when an incoming shipment requires a signature on delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange package receipt, either by ensuring that someone is available at the delivery location or working through your local post office in the event of a missed delivery. 

Insurance labels:

You can request an insured label by clicking here to contact our Seller Support team. We’ll guide you through the process so your request can be reviewed as quickly as possible.

Note: Insured labels are currently not available for users outside the United States

  1. Start your request
    • When creating the request, it's important that you make the subject line for the email ”Requesting an Insured Label | “Seller Username. This will help us fast-track your request.
  2. Provide Details
    • When deciding what to put in the body of the email make sure to explain all of the details on the item. The email must include the following: 
    • How much you want to insure the label for - remember the insurance cannot exceed $15,000
    • Username of buyer
    • Original tracking number if already generated
    • Order IDs - this is not the listing number, but the individual order number that can be found in the Seller Hub (only applicable for Live sellers)
    • How much the current package weighs in its box
    • Unique order number - looks something like this ex. HG6fgThy

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