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Whatnot Listing Guidelines

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To keep Whatnot safe and provide a great experience for buyers and sellers, we have the following guidelines and requirements for listings on Whatnot. Anything that is listed that may compromise the integrity of the platform, is not allowed.

The following is not permitted in any listings on Whatnot (including auction listings, giveaway listings and BIN listings):

  • No item listed: Listings with no item listed. All listings must be offering an item for sale (or giveaway). 
  • Keywords in listings: Listings must not contain popular keywords not relevant to the listing for the purposes of gaining unfair visibility in search results.
  • Clickbait content: Listings must not contain images, links, titles or descriptions that mislead users for the purpose of drawing attention to, or promoting, a different item, or leading users off the platform.
  • Violates our policies: Listings that violate our Prohibited or Restricted Items, our  Community Guidelines, or our IP Policy

Marketplace-specific Listing Requirements

The following requirements apply to all marketplace listings:

  • No solicitations for tips or sponsorship: Solicitations for tips, donations, freebies or to sponsor a seller’s giveaway (e.g., “buy me a coffee”, “donate to my beer fund”, “sponsor a giveaway”).

Photo requirements

  • Photo(s) of actual item: Listings must contain photos of the actual item you are offering for sale. Listings that do not contain any photos, or only contain stock photos, are not permitted. You must ensure you have all intellectual property rights required to use the photos in your listings, and that your listings comply with our IP Policy.You may not use stock images for used, damaged, or defective items.  
  • Clear photos: Listings must include at least one photo that clearly shows the entire item and its condition, without blurring, cropping or other obstruction. Where an item for sale may contain permitted nudity (e.g., artworks, book cover, etc.), the listing photo may contain blurring of the nudity to comply with Whatnot’s Adult and Mature Content guidelines

Description & title requirements

  • Accurate listing description: The listing description & title must accurately represent the item being sold, including all product details and attributes that correctly describe the product’s condition. The description must refer only to the item for sale. 
  • Category: Listings must be listed in the correct Whatnot category. 
  • Pricing: Listing prices must not be obviously unreasonable, whether priced at an extreme high or low.
  • Repeated listings: You must not post multiple listings for one item. If you have multiple of the same product, you should post one listing per item, and increase the listing quantity >1. 

Item-specific requirements 

  • Prohibited items in marketplace listings
    • Mystery products (including mystery boxes, packs, etc.)
    • Giveaway entries 
  • Items with autographs: Items with autographs must be certified by JSA, PSA, Beckett or B.A.M. You must include a photo of the Certification Card (except for Beckett's new sticker model)

Category-specific considerations

We will not allow listings that:

Funko Pop

  • Don’t have the factory codes (the 3-letters code followed by numbers) on the box (unless this way it was manufactured)
  • Contain photos of an item in a protector. Protectors can hide damage. The only exception to this rule is anything that comes shrink wrapped in a protector when purchased new (e.g., Vader Futura)
  • Only contain loose items. Every listing must have a box
  • Only contain a box. Every listing must have a pop figure inside the box
  • Graded pops from VVGG and PSA
  • Prototypes should have an origin proof document (e.g. Gemini or Funko Fundays purchase receipt) and it should be sent to the buyer with their purchase

Funko Soda

  • Don’t have the factory codes (the 3-letters code followed by numbers) on the bottom of the can
  • Only contain loose items. Every listing must have a soda can
  • Sealed items must clearly show that they are factory sealed
  • Chase sodas must prove that they are chase, otherwise, they will be listed as the regular version of the item
  • If you want to list all the cans in a box, you must identify them, so the buyer can know exactly what soda he is purchasing


  • FigPins without the case, every pin must have their case

Booster Boxes and Packs for Pokémon or SportsCards

  • Booster packs that don't clearly show that they are factory sealed. Try to include photos of the top and bottom of the pack
  • Booster boxes that aren’t factory sealed or show signals of being opened before. Try also to include photos from the sides of the box

Graded Cards

  • Cards that don’t clearly show the authentication code
  • Autographed graded cards that only have the autograph grading

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